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owner/operator Nancee Bowers

Holistic Nutritionist – Nancee Bowers

Holistic Nutritionist

Albemarle Nutrition has served the community of Albemarle, North Carolina & surrounding areas for over 6 years. We offer a wide array of products & services.

Vitamins, herbs, diet products, sports nutrition & supplements, organic foods, frozen organic chicken & beef, raw honey, Gluten Free breads & seasonal produce can all be found at our store.

We also offer delicious Protein smoothies, freshly brewed Organic coffee & tea as well as wealth of knowledge of naturalistic remedies. Our Organic Bamboo Tea Bar features Organic Teas from all over the world~

Our Organic wellness center – The Green Tea Spa offers a variety of services:
Ionic Detox foot baths, Hydrotherapy Water massage, Electric Reflexology foot massage, Reflexology, Sauna detox, Ear Candling, Organic Facials, 24K Gold Facials, LED Light Therapy, Color Therapy, Body wraps, Raindrop Therapy, Healthy Living classes & more.

We hope you will take the time to explore our store and what we have to offer. Be sure to peruse the site and check out our all natural recipes under Garden of Healing.

Yours In Health,
Nancee Bowers – Holistic Nutritionist