Creech and The Pirates - New Poser Film in Progress

Illustration by Les Garner

Illustration by Les Garner

I've began working in earnest on an animated film featuring Creech, our lovable green monsters from the CPPartners folder of your Poser install. I'm working with Poser-mation whiz kid, Dave Watson from Davlin studios. Actually, if you'd like to hear Dave and I chat about the film be sure to check out episode 26 of Brento's Budget Film Making podcast.

In a nuthshell here are the particulars. The story picks up immediately after the events seen in the 3d comic, “New Likes” featuring Creech, available right here on YURDigital.com. Creech has disposed of his soul sucking harpy of a wife, Ms Creech and is eager to rebuild his ships avatar, S.A.R.A. And get off to another adventure in the Poserverse. As usual things don't go exactly as expected and he's not as free of commitment as he thought he was. Sexy Space Glambots, inter-galatic pizzeria's, Deep Space Salvage crews, cannibal tribesmen and pirates, yes PIRATES all make an appearance in this hilarious adventure.

The story is co-created by Dave and myself and I'm writing the script and lending a hand in designing characters. Dave will handle the animation and we'll both contribute to final editing and sound design. I'd like to see this one ready to go out the door by October of 2015, but if that doesn't happen the Poserverse will not explode.

Thus far it's really been a lot of fun giving this cool free character some much needed attention. Oh, lest I fail to mention it, Les Garner at Sixus 1 Media has built me this sweet Pirate costume for Creech that is almost ready for prime time. It will be featured in the film once the final files reach me. I'ts always exciting when new content supporting Creech comes out.

Lastly, be sure to check out the Creech fan page on Facebook.