Mother of Vampires Graphic Novel Project

A Promotional Flyer for Take That

A Promotional Flyer for Take That

Due to a somewhat failed effort to make the film version of an epic story I've created called, “Mother of Vampires,” I've decided to take a few years of my render hobby time to create a graphic novel version telling the story in greater detail than I'd ever be able to afford were it a live action film. To be fair the film version was not a failure. It was a small chapter of the larger story and was titled, "Take That." The failure came in when I tried to use the same cast and crew to transition straight into a feature film version of the story. The cast & crew did an fantastic job and I'm very happy with the short film. I'm not the only one who thought it was a quality piece of work either. Nevermore film festival accepted us in 2013 where we were competing with films made for budgets over $50,000 and we also screened at Mad Monster Party that same year. The response was overwhelmingly positive, but I knew I had a bigger story to tell.

I made the film for $800 with the help of just a few people, so few in fact I can list them here. Todd A. Britt, Michael Ruff, Morgan Monig, Jeremy Mullis, Julian Safrit, Alan Tilsby, Eric Isbanioli, Felicity Winkler, Tim Ross, Tommy Allen Taylor & Robert Filion. I mean to say that it was a very small crew with just enough resources to get it done. Additional locations were provided by Eddie Snugs and Keg & Cue bar.

The actors really gave the characters heart. Todd's special effects ultimately all worked on screen and Robert shot everything beautifully. The trouble came in when we shot the supplemental scenes that would move the short film segment into the larger story and flesh things out. It wound up looking great as well and Michael absolute killed his additional scenes. We had an epic, and I do mean EPIC special effect at the end of the supplemental scenes . However, it was during this time that I discovered that there was simply no way I could have any sort of compromise with someone else trying to direct the film out from under me. I'm just too passive when it comes to getting along with people and the story was bound to suffer. That's as nice a way to put as I know.  My hope was to really collaborate with a more experienced film maker to move beyond my own capabilities, but when one person has all the humility and the other has none to speak of, it just won't work. I'll use this analogy, I don't want to buy someone a nice pizza diner and hear them say that they really wanted Chinese food. THAT is why the film did not go forward as originally planned. In a way, it's a good thing because the script I wrote would have been served poorly by the budget I'd put together to film it with.

The graphic novel has no such limitations. I'll be using a combination of Poser 2014 and Daz Studio Pro. I've been collecting assets for many years, so I already own pretty much all the clothing accessories and sets to create the images. I plan to share my progress here, along with preview art and the occasional finished art panel. If the finished product meets my expectations I'll sell the novel on LuLu for a few bucks. I anticipate at least 50 pages of full color art when all is said and done.

If it never sells a copy I will have told the story on my own terms in my way without any actor drama or petty jealousy from peers on the crew. If you've ever been involved with making any sort of film, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

To kick things off, I'll be using Daz Studio and it's amazing Genesis figure to create the characters for the stories first scenes. I'll start with the beautiful Algonquin woman, Angeni. Here's I've dressed the figure in period Indian clothing. In fact items are from the “Cheyenne for V4 ” set from Ravenhair, available at DAZ3D.com. My character is not in fact from the Cheyenne nation, but seriously, could any of you geeks tell that from looking. The outfit reads native and that's close enough for Rock-N-Roll. The skin texture and shape of the face however, read caucasian. Let's deal with that using the shaping tools included in Daz Studio.

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