Stopping by Poser City for An Update

If it seems like a long time since I've posted anything at all to Poser City, that's because indeed it has been a while. I have actually been rendering regularly, but when it comes to taking the time to create an article here to share, I've found other things to occupy my time, such as the iTunes release of my first bonefide, professionally created album. Do check that out if you haven't. Apart from that I'm still toiling away on the C For Chaos web series. You remember C For Chaos right? It spawned these Chaos Warriors original poser figures. Check them out here and here and here. C For Chaos is an intriguing project. If you don't know it's incredible history from a being a 10 year in the making “lost/unfinishable” film to a new life as a web series, I'd encourage you to read up on that here and here. It's actually a pretty cool time capsule of a horror movie and with Halloween coming up, might make an interesting watch for you.

Poser World's Creech Clothing

Poser World's Creech Clothing

I was very pleased when Poser World released this clothing item for Creech. It made me feel a whole lot better about my previous issues with their fund raising emails. Hopefully things are back on track for those guys now. They really do fill a niche and I wish them success. I recently contacted their commissioned work arm, AWE3D about a character Genesis but it fell outside of their skill set. If I ever need a peice of custom clothing for one of the figures they will support I will try to throw some work their way to be sure. Being that we put so much into Creech, Vik, Chris, Wayne and I, it's nice to see it get a fair shake. It's a great figure to get for free and I've seen some very excellent Creech renders out there in the Poser-verse.

I really had things going with Daz Studio a few weeks back but as always seems to happen after a few months of happy rendering, I filled up my C drive entirely. So began the unhappy process of installing Daz Studio in an alternate location. This time things worked out with relatively little pain but now my smart content no longer shows anything...at all. I've basically given up on so called SMART content these days anyways as DAZ3d seems to barely support it with new products. It was a great idea and I wish they'd stuck to it. Alas, I guess they figured it didn't help their bottom line and they are in business to make money so I get it.

I had a small commission work a few weeks ago to create a Sci Fi cryochamer image for Heroes of The North. You'll probably be seeing some of my work behind their characters as a photo op for the fans in coming months. When that happens I'll be sure to share the image here.

Cryo Goodness

Cryo Goodness Early Version

I have to say, I think the it turned out pretty sweet!

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