Why Hivewire 3D Must Succeed

Well, in fact there is a new DAWN breaking on the Poser world. The brilliant marketers over at Hivewire3D have succeeded in making a big enough splash to give their Victoria contender, Dawn a real chance at sustained success. Let's forget the fact that she's not all that attractive and even if you don't care that all her toes can be posed (I certainly do not), DAWN is important. Here's why. For the first time a few of the folks involved in the first millennium figures have said, via their breaking away and starting their own thing, DAZ3D has gotten off track. I truly believe that success has gone to DAZ's head figuratively speaking. At last some of the chosen few insiders have said, "Enough. There is a better way," and put pedal to medal proving they knew better.

I think the break was as much about the way vendors were treated as the ideology of constantly reselling the same crap, just for a slightly updated figure. At least I hope that's what it was about. They've managed to take a chunk of the mainstay vendors from DAZ with them to Hivewire3D and that's huge. Now DAWN, homely as she is, has started to see some major product support. To boot, the HiveWire site is really excellent. Their store, at least in my view is a marked improvement over DAZ's with regards to usability. Their bundle concept has already spread back to DAZ who's apparently trying to play catch up.  I do think DAZ will catch up, mind you and I also think eventually they will return to their one mesh solution with Genesis 3 or whatever. Will Hirewire beat them to the punch and base all their figures off of DAWN? That would be the smart way to go, but lets see if they have the vision to go back and right the wrong when DAZ abandoned the first Genesis figure.

The bottom line is, when quality brokerages compete, the vendors and the users win. It's cut and dry. I am really thankful for Hivewire3D and wish them continued success.

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