RuntimeDNA, Still a Community Apart

The upstart boutique, RuntimeDNA became a part of my own Poser-verse many years ago. Launching on the same software as Renderosity (Bondware) via special agreement, RDNA seemed instantly familiar with regards to site functionality. I honestly, thought as soon as they saw any kind of success that Bondware would drop the hammer on them to avoid essentially providing a back end for a new competitor. Over the years I've become so glad that did not happen. RDNA has really grown into something of a niche filler. While it's really hard to describe precisely what the niche is, I still feel like they have certain types of products I cannot seem to find anywhere else. For instance, they have excellent historical clothing if that's something you're looking for. Loads of toon content if that is your thing and a mega amount of lighting related products. Lots and lots of creepy gothic content as well.display_2456345

One area where RDNA really became nicely set is the acquisition of certain highly sought after vendors such as Alphaseed. Sixus 1 is there now along with many others who've been around the community seemingly forever. For RDNA sticks out as that one site I can go to when looking for something reasonably priced that I haven't seen which will spark my creativity.

FromTheNever_WebI do occasionally stop by their forums and one in while post in their galleries. I was recently delighted when an image I posted up was selected as their image of the week. That was especially cool because it came with a very nice free product coupon. Did I mention they have lots of cool stuff?

Editor's Note: RDNA was aquired by Daz in February of 2016. The contents were merged into everyone's Daz3d.com accounts and presented on that site and the RDNA was shuttered.

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