Poser Fantasy World

CreechFighterGirlI often wonder to myself, why after so long I am drawn to create these images, to dabble in this or that software to actualize scenes from the fantasy world that lives only in my mind. For me, I think it's like the most immersive video game you could imagine. For a frame in time you step outside of the real universe to a world where you the true one god supreme and control all the parameters. You make real, that which was once unrealizable, thanks for programs like Poser and Daz Studio. Of course all the wonderful vendors who create the amazing content have their part in how your universe works, but only you call the shots.

It's a fun escape to say the least, so even if my music or film making, or family or work takes me away for some time, I always find my way back home to the fantasy world. It's a world where my band of 20 years, Absolute Zero is always has a gig. It's a world dominated by woman who are uncannily strong and let's not forget completely hot! It's a world where our Creech figure, from Poser 7 always has a role as the hero or the villain or the alien, you name it. It's a world that is sometimes horrific and at other times so wonderous. I just have to choose what I want to see. All of this can be accomplish without the ability to draw even a stick figure. I just need to learn the software and compose and image. It's simply amazing. In the caverns of my mind this world will always be my home.

To this day, when it comes to my own artistic fulfillment, I feel that discovering Poser back in 2000 was the best thing to ever happen to me. Hard to believe that much time has passed. Thankfully, I have my artistic growth chronicled in my Renderosity gallery. I've come a long way, Baby! 335 dreams have been brought to life that. Be sure to take a gander. They aren't all masterpieces but the growth of my skills is written in every image. I'm so thankful for Poser and great site like Rendo. This is the very reason this site is called, "Poser City" and not Daz City. Poser started it all.

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