Welcome to Poser City

greybroThe muse is back again and Poser City has returned to service. For now, it's a commentary type format I'm going with. No need to try to be all things to all Poser users. Stop by for the occasional rant or bit of commentary on the latest figure or product to hit the market and a little satire. These opinions are only those of Greybro, a.k.a Brent Bowers so take them with a grain of salt, because after all....."What the heck do I know?"

Later on, who knows? Links? Freebies? Reviews? Videos? Tutorials? All are a possibility.

For the record if I mention a site or brokerage on here, it means I have a care for their future, even if I appear to be critical of something. I think there are a whole lot of users out there happy to support whatever the bigger sites want to sell us. That's not a good thing. There are all kinds of great new sites popping up this year offer some of the old powers that be some real competition. THAT is good for us users without a doubt. It's what excited me enough to bring Poser City back. Let's have some fun.