The definition of REDUX according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary is, "brought back —used postpositively." In these posts I will be revisiting small works from my early days in this hobby. Most of the ideas from that day were only partially realized due to a deficit in experience, skill, software, content in my runtime or pc power. Still the ideas all held appeal for me at the time and they still spark my imagination today. So with my work horse PC, "ANVIL," DAZ Studio Pro 4.6, Poser Pro 2014, a slew of other software and a content library that would make a Sheik blush, I'll revisit these concepts and give them another pass at my discretion. It should make for a few fun hours of work and that, after all is the entire point of this hobby and even this site.

file_62689The first work I'm considering is my second ever post on Renderosity, from way back in June of 2001, titled, "Predators Visit Earth's Moon." A terrible name and an even worse composition. From looking at the image I can guess that I created it using a combination of P0ser 3 and Bryce. The lack of stars and ground surface variation are particularly annoying to me. It should be no problem to improve on this one. At a glance I'm guessing that the figure used to portray the Preds is NOT Swidhelm's excellent Predator 2 for M4. I do recall that this particular Predator had a virus attached laden with a virus, much to my chagrin. A couple of the poses are definitely default M3 poses so perhaps this is the M3 Predator texture and prop set that's still out there on ShareCG.com. In any case, the Swidhelm Predator 2 will be a big upgrade so I'll start there by building some more expressive poses for my composition.

The poses themselves seem a bit stock and boring. Predators are action creatures. They don't just stand around unless they are cloaked and about to strike. On that note, I think at least one of them should be coming out of a cloaked state.

Stay tuned as the work is chronicled on this article.


New User Galleries at DAZ 3D

DAZGalDAZ 3D has just launched the new and improved user gallery function for users of their site. After what can only be termed a “painful” site roll out last year, it's taken almost a full year for the site to feel like it's ready for Prime time. This new feature is the literally the first thing I can honestly call “an improvement” over the legacy DAZ site.

DAZ still has the pole position in the 3D Brokerage world cemented, but they haven't exactly been trail blazers for the past few years. Renderosity rolled out their gallery quite some time ago and never put their users through a buggy soft launch as did DAZ. That said, I have to say that the new DAZ user gallery is extremely usable. While I don't see it having a ton of features that the Renderosity gallery does not offer, it does edge them out in usability, ever so slightly.

I think a user image gallery without hard upload limits was a great idea and will certainly draw a lot of folks over to DAZ.  Even with the Renderosity Prime Club benefit of 3 uploads per day, that can still be limiting if you're looking to create a series. No site can be all things to all people, but the lack of a freely update-able gallery was an obvious gap in DAZ's community for some time. I'm glad to see they have shored that up so nicely. Everything appears to work as expected. I feel like this is a step in the right direction in order to bring back some of the community feel that was lost in the poorly executed site migration.
Speaking just for me, I'll be using my DAZ gallery to catalog the best of the best from my render work. At the same time, I realized the need to move all my Renderosity images, dating back to Thursday, June 21, 2001 7:08 am, into appropriate categories, since Renderosity's gallery now offers that shiny new function.

When 3D sites compete, the user always wins.