Live Shows End As New Business Launches

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Because working to make rich bankers richer is a soulless, thankless endeavor, As well as for other reasons, I’ve decided to leave the Information technology field for good. Thankfully, I insured myself against this time when IT contract opportunities have become fewer and further between by launching my wife into the Nutrition store business over a decade ago. That business has absolutely flourished in the past 11.5 years. Even with enough income to essentially not HAVE to work a job, I’ve never been good with playing second bread winner and there’s always been the expectation between Nancee and I that I would personally pay most of the monthly bills apart from the store. After the end of my last contract in the summer of 2017, I began to think of leaving the field altogether to find something else to do. I had a small surgery that kept me out of work for a few months and the idea really grew on me. Even though on the whole I feel I was paid plenty for my work while in IT, the lack of job security and especially the political nature and utter lack of any loyalty whatsoever always bugged me. My favors for others and going over and beyond for managers and peers to my boss, never resulted in a single raise or position. I was placed under less skill people constantly based on nothing more than their ambition to manage others. Then before I knew it, I had 15 years of experience and was at my earnings ceiling. When I was beat out for a full time position by an attractive woman with 4 months experience to my 15 years experience, whom I’d witnessed screw up the job terribly. I knew something was amiss. They hired her at 3 pay levels beneath me and then the picture started to crystallize. It was time to leave. In March of 2018, I decided to help out one of our distributors who needed drivers. The money was rotten and the guy just had a horrible attitude toward employees. I did have my own agenda for doing it though and that was to see if I could swing the transition to a physical job. I was glad to see that my body withstood the initial shock just fine. 6 weeks of that was enough to prove to me that purely from a physical level, no job was too tough for me. I’ve still got the heart and drive at 48 to do hard labor when it’s needed Around this time, an acquaintance began to talk to me about getting into a sole proprietorship job doing what he’s been very successful with for the past 11 years. I was generally aware that his business was good, but only recently was made aware of how successful and lucrative it was. His earnings for this past...

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Mellow Days Freelancing

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The good word is that I’ve managed to keep freelance graphic, music performance video editing and website work. I’m little dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the final touches for our annual short film project today and have began talks on a new feature project with a couple of Industry friends. We’ve a new pup living in the house with us and he has been a handful. He is lucky that he’s really cute because he’s not house broken yet. He’s taken a lot of work. The creative work is great because I go to bed eager to get back to it in the morning. The cold weather and my own reticence have stalled my new P.T. program but I hope to rectify that soon. The weather is not as bitter cold so I hope to resume my hiking very soon. I was sad to see Harmancos drop the live music for obvious reasons but I think it might have been the right move for them. Seems like since that time their food has been a lot better. Had maybe the best meal I’ll ever eaten there yesterday and I’ve been dining here since I was a little kid on my daddy’s knee, literally. The church music carries on Andu feel like we are getting better each and every...

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Protected: New Gospel Music

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Well, I try to go where the Lord leads my heart and for the past month or so that’s been Hillside Baptist church in Albemarle. I’ve been blessed enough to play alongside some fine gentlemen in the praise band. This Sunday passed we even played one of my own compositions from the GFC days that never got performed there so it was nice to see that tune finally come to fruition and really connect with the folks there to worship. My buddy Joe who’s got a long history both playing music with me and as a friend is the drummer for this group as well. PreServicePraise_01-21-2018 from Brent Bowers on...

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Protected: On Child Rearing and Freelancing

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I feel like letting out a giant gasp of air. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life, Man. It happens fast. If you’re not careful you might miss it. Just like that snapping of my fingers, my kids are all grown. My son passed his 18th birthday 2 weeks ago. Liam is still with us for at least another 8 months I imagine, while he finishes school, but the job of day to day parenting is essentially over. Giving myself an honest report card, I think I garnered a C+. I could have done better, but I certainly could have done much worse. When I erred, it was on the side of being too lenient. They don’t seem to appreciate that at present but time will tell how badly I may have screwed them both up. They both have discipline and impulse problems. I’m not the most disciplined person in the world myself. I am less so than my dad and my kids are less so than me. It seems like the generations are on a slide but that’s a real bummer to talk about so enough of that. If they both manage to pay their taxes be decent folks and don’t hurt themselves or anyone else, I’ll count my job as successfully completed. I’m working solely in the freelance arena now. Less money but lots more freedom. I’m not sure if I want to go back to Corplandia. The rewards are always so limited and there is no sense of loyalty from a job well done, especially at the bigger companies. I did work for a very cool company on this last go round but the ones where I’ve spent the better part of time has taught me that they view me as an expendable resource and they essentially expect me to go above and beyond but do not have any sense of loyalty to my career or indeed me as a person. How often to I get offered to come back to a contract I’ve previously repeated but for less money for a different team or job role name? Too often my friends. They can have the fresh college grads as far as I’m concerned. I want meaningful roles where I’m well treated or none at all. As the co-owner of a successful business I simply do not have to subject myself to that kind of employment so I simply choose not to. It’s also very hard for me to take less money than a previous contract from a company who’s been repeatedly caught committing crimes only to give their exe’s nice golden parachutes when they are forced to retire for corruption. It’s ridiculous. And….I didn’t intend to rant like that. Might need to make this one...

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