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Being a grand parent is simply the best thing ever. What an amazing privilege it is to spend time raising a grand daughter. Delilah is just such a lovely baby it literally is hard to convey with words. She’s always grinning or smirking or hoping and very rarely cries or fusses at...

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Protected: Pastor Privilege

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Being a pastor must be tough, particularly when they are criticized. On the one hand they are criticized a lot, often times wrongly and often times not to their face. However, nobody is perfect and every man makes mistakes. Being a professional preacher or even an honest to goodness, “called by God,” pastor doesn’t make a man immune to getting it wrong sometimes. I think it’s when anyone gets wise in their own eyes that the real trouble comes in. Power, and make no mistake, congregation leadership is a sort of power, does tend to corrupt. Maybe not like we see with Jim Jones types, but in little ways like playing favorites, promoting “Yes men and women,” or just never accepting their own missteps or believing they are beyond mistakes. They can always say, “You don’t know what it’s like to be a pastor,” and that’s very true. I can always quote the late, great Tom Petty, “You know how it feels to be me,” and that’s very true! It’s a tough, tricky to get right job and I wouldn’t want...

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Mid Summer Update

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Well the mix is back and excepting the final album cover and booklet design, my Nashville recorded record, “Late Summer,” is complete. Soon, I can scratch that one off the bucket list. In a few months, Lord willing I’ll have all that paid for. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve got almost 11 months of massage therapy school behind us and I’ve completed roughly 100 of the 150 required clinical hours. At my current rate of work I’ll be able to wrap those 1 month ahead of graduation. 50 for 50 has been an abject failure even though the first 3 months with the trainer went great. I shouldn’t have accepted the WF contract while trying to complete school. This resulted in the first contract I’ve ever had to leave early. It had to be done when certain assurances about accommodating my school hours were set aside. I’ve started working back into the Paleo diet and plan to start back at the gym once my clinicals are complete. The Last Tuesday Concert Series is still going strong. We’ve had some good shows so far and now I have a regular backing band, The Stony Gap Entertainers. It’s been a blast and these guys show up and rehearse weekly so they has been a load of...

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