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BBFMP, Music Videos, Two Spies & New Art

I got a message on Facebook that sort of got overlooked for months due to it being from someone not in my friends list. It was a nice little message thanking me for doing Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast. That’s the first such message I’ve received acknowledging the effort put into that little show.  It […]

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Happy 4th of July

It’s been an interesting few weeks.Sometimes sticking up for what you believe in means either loosing a friend or breaking ties temporarily or even permanently.

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New Logo Design

Here’s a little logo I recently designed for a client starting a skine care line. The direction was for a fresh healthy looking design that implied the organic nature oif the products. After a little research I found that leaf designs were extremely popular in skin care logos. My first pass was a real hit […]

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The Blythe Avenger – On Johnny Brento’s JuJu

British film maker/ animator of some reknowned to the Poser community, David Watson of Davlin Studios recently completed a fun, horror themed animated short. Two songs from MVP’s own Johnny Brento are featured on the film’s underscore. Check out the film..

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Rendering Horrors

Streebo asked me to share a little bit about my Poser work. For me it is often a first step to explore a script idea or in some cases a really awesome tool for storyboard work or developing the look of a character, so in some way it is related to film making. In the […]

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Classic Horror Returns

I’ve recently become aware of just how cheap some really rare horror flicks have become when sold within lots on ebay. Pennies on the dollar, People! We’re talking slasher, occult, gore, werewolf, vampire and zombie cinema that until now has not cross the radar of most people. Most of it seems to come from the […]

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