BBFMP, Music Videos, Two Spies & New Art

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I got a message on Facebook that sort of got overlooked for months due to it being from someone not in my friends list. It was a nice little message thanking me for doing Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast. That’s the first such message I’ve received acknowledging the effort put into that little show.  It was really cool to get that. That makes me think that I should do a show on creating no budget music videos. BBFMP was often overshadowed by it’s much more put together big brother show, MVP Mutant Radio, which is now, sadly defunct, at least for the time being. Anyways, great to be acknowledged and shout out to show listener, Krutin Amin, of Hanover Park, Illinois. Thanks for your message, Buddy. I’ll keep on making them if you keep on listening. At the current time, I’m working on a music video for Braden Harwood. Additionally, I have 3 other videos lined up to create as time allows, including one for Two Spies, though, obviously I’ll need help for that one. These things are like short films and as such, they make great anecdotes for BBFMP. It’s all great experience that I look forward to sharing on the show. I need to get a standard menu items for the podcast on this site, but for now you can access all the shows here or on iTunes. I’m up to #26 now so do check them out if you’re interested in film making for no money! Speaking of music videos, the one I’m working on now is for a southern rock tune called, “Getting Out of Here.” We’ve had two shoot days already and probably need one or tow more to complete capture the needed footage. I’m using a volunteer crew and often find myself being the only crew member on the set. The folks who have helped out have done so at some very serendipitous times and been of great value to the production. It’s hard to run a camera, direct and fly a drone all at once. I’m not above trying, but it’s difficult to say the least. I’ve also been working on pre-visuals for another epic multi-figure art piece. Here’s the loose concept not even close to being fleshed out. I’m resisting the urge to name it, “Stairway to Heaven.” You’ll be seeing a more fleshed out version of this work but it may be months as I want to create it at 4000 pixels wide and I’m using dynamic clothing on the figures making the climb. It moves things away from that Poser look I think, but it takes a lot of calculating memory and just time. When I start rebuilding this in the full size, I’ll need to have the look of my Seraphim, both male and female all worked out, so in that sense, this version is just a loose...

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The Respawner Pilot Respawner is really my first attempt at world building. The character was conceived along with her own universe in which her supporting characters would be fleshed out as they enthralled us with weekly or monthly adventures. Unfortunately, petty jealousy and animosity kept my film making partners from fully embracing the series and some poor casting on the part of the director, namely myself, doomed the original production from that start along with my own inexperience at planning and executing such a large endeavor. For those that care to dig a little deeper, in these pages you will find the bones of a dream project that fell by the wayside. However, a ton ton of exploratory content was created and I think that it’s worth sharing here. We took a ton of images while making the season 1 trailer and pilot episode. Check those out here. Much of the content was published via the website and Youtube channel, but some of it, very few eyes have ever beheld. For instance, did you know that there was an official Respawner fan page and a website? I’m slowly but surely moving all my video content from the MVP Channel over to my Vimeo channel where there’s less hassle with ads and generally more control over video quality. As I move a file over, I’ll add the new version on this page if it’s Respawner related. Respawner from Brent Bowers on Vimeo. The Respawner Test Film That Started It All The Season 1 Respawner Teaser The Making of Respawner Behind The Scenes Promotions Check out lead actresses Sylvia Burris & Kathy Butler Sandvoss promoting the show On The Red...

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Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast Episode #26 Drops Like Thor’s Hammer

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I thought it worth mentioning that after over more than a year, Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast has dropped a new episode. In this one I share my film making activities from the interim and discuss a new animated film project with my friend from the Poser community, Dave Watson. The episode runs 47 minutes and constitutes the 26th such episode in the series. I also discuss my depature from the Mutantville Productions film group and cover a secret, unreleased short film. Dave and I get into why we do this stuff being that it can truly aggravate the dickens out of you at times. As always you can find the podcast on iTunes or right here on our...

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Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast Ep1

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Back in 2013 I started a little How To Make Indie Films on a Budget sort of informational show called, “Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast.” Originally, the show was hosted on Libsyn podcasting host but I found their hosting overly expensive for very little return on my efforts and investment. Eventually, I decided to host the show myself and resubmit it to iTunes. I did loose approximately 2 episodes in the shuffle but the bulk of the shows made it over and now are offered in perpetuity for anyone interested in no budget film making to enjoy. Prior to sort of solving the hosting question I did post the first 4 episodes to Youtube with accompanying video content. Here’s the first such cross posted episode. Hope you like it. Episode 1 sort of covers the mission statement of the podcast and sets things up. It runs about 20 minutes. In retrospect I think I was feeling a bit of resistance to branching out on my own and this was really the beginning of my departure from Mutantville productions. I totally lay out my film making philosophy but I can also hear myself trying to still toe the MVP partyline which is to basically talk like you are a bigger deal as a company than you really are. A fake it until you make it mentality. I was also starting to work with Robert Filion at this point and taking on some of his approaches to film making. Directors/ film makers and artists in general are sensitive and I think along the way I may have hurt a few feelings though that was never my intention. One of my film making friends was always quoting film making rules or parables to me from various books he was always recommending in his videos. As a result, I start consuming these books and likewise quoting various so called, “rules” of low budget film making back in my shows . Eventually, the shows evolved or devolved, depending on your point of view into a blog type show covering my film making efforts specifically. There is a touch of the blog approach here whereby I talk about Respawner and how that came about as well as the first rumblings of Take That pre-production. I discuss how an offhand comment about Respawner led to casting the female lead for Take That. Other topics include what actors are worth, what they should be paid and when. What to pay for. What not to pay for. Working with a larger group versus doing it...

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The Beginning of the End of Muticia’s Movie Morgue

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On Saturday the cast and crew of Muticia’s Movie Morgue arrived at my house early-ish. Streebo had stopped by the previous Thursday to dress the set. With my injured back, I told myself I’d take it easy going up and down the stairs to the upstairs office where we filmed their scene. Of course I didn’t take it easy enough on my ligament injury and was in a bit of a relapse on Sunday. Anyways, I shot a few stills of the actors and crew on set over the 5 hours or so they were there. It was a bit nostalgic being back on an MVP set and this time as something of an outsider. Still it felt just fine. While I’m really glad Geo and Jamie went ahead with a 3rd and final episode, so that MMM could be an actual series wi9th a real finale, I’m happy to cheer them on from the sidelines. I continue to believe I did all the good I could inside that particular film making group and as such am proud of the work we all accomplished. I’ve read the script and have seen a few of the gags being shot. I think this episode will be hilarious. Look for it to drop on Youtube around Christmas 2015. In the meantime check out Episode #1 & Episode #2 right here. Muticia has seen quite the transformation. From a ball gown to a torn keyhole dress to Christmasy lingerie. It’s probably for the best that we retire this character before Vanelle winds up in her birthday suit! I’m sure you’ll still be able to catch Muticia at seasonable horror screenings of the annual Mad Monster Party on certain nights when the air is just right. Who knows. Maybe the cats at MVP will decide to turn out a further two episodes at some point to qualify the Movie Morgue for the Horror Host Graveyard. In any case I look forward to seeing the Christmas episode some day. Heck, I’d love to see a Mutie spinoff! Johnny B, Out!                   Oooooo Cracker! In the directors/soundmans/gaffers cap once again! Geo needs a banana soon! Hai...

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Weekend Film Making, Faster Arrives and Other Randomness.

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I arrived at the building this morning around 7:08. The common areas on the way up to our floor were so peaceful in anticipation of the work day throngs. It’s just such a fresh and neat time to transverse the hallways. Always makes me feel good to beat the rush. In the calm before the storm which this week’s workload will surely bring, I wanted to send an update from the Bull pen. On Saturday, I drove up to The Forum in Salisbury to chat with my old trainer Boyd. I thought I was going for a training session, but as it turned out we just chatted, weighed me (I’ve lost 4lbs) and he wrote out a workout plan I can complete at home with the weights and equipment I had on hand. I don’t know if this was the actual plan or he just hasn’t cleared having a side client actually work out there. It’s really not practical to make a 2 hour round trip drive for a 1 hour workout anyways so I’m fine with the approach of planning it for a home workout anyways. The new treadmill I have put money down on having refurbished by the guys over at Carolina Fitness is really the keystone of my whole fitness plan. I cannot wait to have that beast in my home. I got the physical copies of my album, “Faster” in my hands on Thursday and have been handing those out like candy ever since. What a milestone to have a “real” album now. The record should show up on iTunes within the new week. Whoo haaaa! It’s been a long time coming. I stopped by and gave some copies to the man who apart from myself was mostly responsible for this record happening. Eddie turned me onto a new record he knew I’d love. The Wild Feathers debut album. Yes, it’s an amazing record that instantly inspired me. I’ve already been having inspiration for the week having rough demoed yet another tune, this one called, “False Judas.” I got in some unexpected cinematography practice this weekend on one of my work team mates projects entitled, “Lucky.” Sunday we shot the film at “Off The Square,” on Main street in Albemarle.  That restaurant has one of the most scenic bars I’ve ever laid eyes on and I’ve long wanted to shoot something in there, so when director John Rotramel asked if I knew of any cinematic looking bars, I was quick to recommend it. At first I was going to be recording audio, but that sort of turned into lighting and cinematography, which was fine by me. It was kind of a loose set, but as it turns out a light hearted and fun one. I wound up spending just over 4 hours setting up, shooting and breaking down and will also be handling the post...

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