Live Shows End As New Business Launches

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Because working to make rich bankers richer is a soulless, thankless endeavor, As well as for other reasons, I’ve decided to leave the Information technology field for good. Thankfully, I insured myself against this time when IT contract opportunities have become fewer and further between by launching my wife into the Nutrition store business over a decade ago. That business has absolutely flourished in the past 11.5 years. Even with enough income to essentially not HAVE to work a job, I’ve never been good with playing second bread winner and there’s always been the expectation between Nancee and I that I would personally pay most of the monthly bills apart from the store. After the end of my last contract in the summer of 2017, I began to think of leaving the field altogether to find something else to do. I had a small surgery that kept me out of work for a few months and the idea really grew on me. Even though on the whole I feel I was paid plenty for my work while in IT, the lack of job security and especially the political nature and utter lack of any loyalty whatsoever always bugged me. My favors for others and going over and beyond for managers and peers to my boss, never resulted in a single raise or position. I was placed under less skill people constantly based on nothing more than their ambition to manage others. Then before I knew it, I had 15 years of experience and was at my earnings ceiling. When I was beat out for a full time position by an attractive woman with 4 months experience to my 15 years experience, whom I’d witnessed screw up the job terribly. I knew something was amiss. They hired her at 3 pay levels beneath me and then the picture started to crystallize. It was time to leave. In March of 2018, I decided to help out one of our distributors who needed drivers. The money was rotten and the guy just had a horrible attitude toward employees. I did have my own agenda for doing it though and that was to see if I could swing the transition to a physical job. I was glad to see that my body withstood the initial shock just fine. 6 weeks of that was enough to prove to me that purely from a physical level, no job was too tough for me. I’ve still got the heart and drive at 48 to do hard labor when it’s needed Around this time, an acquaintance began to talk to me about getting into a sole proprietorship job doing what he’s been very successful with for the past 11 years. I was generally aware that his business was good, but only recently was made aware of how successful and lucrative it was. His earnings for this past...

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Spa Visit At Ballantyne

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So last night I left the first batch of images for my new satirical comic strip running. They turned out decent. Check the gallery of raw renders below. I didn’t quite get to designing the next scene before we had to head out on the trek to The Ballantyne Spa and my appointment with the only person allowed to touch my hair. Edwina.  Actually, I’m only half joking. I am very particular about who Trina my hair. The last time I was non challant about it, I got the hair around my ear kind of butchered.My appointment ended about the time Nancee’s massage was set to start. So I’ve an hour to kill prior to meeting up with her for dinner in the gallery restaurant. Once again on this trip the weather is very gloomy and this massive hotel seems to have very few people in it. It almost feels like I’ve stepped into a pocket dimension where I am the sole occupant. But for the smooth jazz playing from all the ceiling mounted speakers, it would feel quite creepy. I promised myself I’d work on the comic script while I wait on Nancee. I’d like to run these lines by the real Dave Watson from Liverpool England as he’s serving as my dialog coach on this one. Dave’s likeness is also used as the Captain Watson in the...

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Some People Really Should Lighten Up

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You know, I guess if I don’t get someone excited about my photography, I’m not trying hard enough. Anywho, I’m going to keep this one real generic. Today, I got to hang out in a cool room with a bunch of cool musicians and dancers and watch a talented friend of mine rehearse for a professional gig. It actually would have been a super cool experience sans the boss getting a little huffy about my shooting a video (though in fact I was not shooting video.) You know if you hold a phone a certain way, it looks like you are shooting a video regardless so, bummer. On the up side of things I was reminded of the song, “Brick House,” for the first time in a long, long time. We visited a few breweries to pass out some CD’s and look for potential gigs. Saw a cool trio with Buddha in their name getting largely ignored by a large crowd and instantly felt a kindship with them. It was literally drizzling rain on their expensive looking gear as the crowd was either too drunk or too disinterested otherwise to pay attention in the slightest. They did an original song while we were standing there to boot. Big Ups for that! Charlotte, was cold today, but we covered some ground before it started to drizzle. I also got to eat some pretty fly sushi with said friend and hangout at his place the rest of the day including a brief jam. It was nice to get out of my head and just get away. We watched a couple of my films, “Take That – The Director’s Cut,” & “Buddy Row.” I got his cute little dog, Squiggy to finally let me pet him. He’s usually real standoffish. I left early and came back late. Actually, this would have been a much cooler post if some other person hadn’t kind of killed the whole vibe by being really self agrandizing and obnoxious. It’s weird how crossing paths with a little bad mojo kind kind of throw your day off. It was one of those, It’s not what was said but how it was said kind of senarios. I just want to give the whole world a big old huge and say, “Be cool, Man. Just be cool!” Everyone needs to mind that golden rule. Hey, did I JUST write another new song? When I got back to my desk I setup a scene for an overnight render of several camera angles on a new comic strip, “Captain Watson, Actually,” I’ll be kicking off soon as a for fun project. It’s time to get back to writing. Buddy Row and Mother of Vampires are both screaming for a re-write. In closing, I got to wear one of my prototype T shirts out and that was cool in...

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Mellow Days Freelancing

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The good word is that I’ve managed to keep freelance graphic, music performance video editing and website work. I’m little dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the final touches for our annual short film project today and have began talks on a new feature project with a couple of Industry friends. We’ve a new pup living in the house with us and he has been a handful. He is lucky that he’s really cute because he’s not house broken yet. He’s taken a lot of work. The creative work is great because I go to bed eager to get back to it in the morning. The cold weather and my own reticence have stalled my new P.T. program but I hope to rectify that soon. The weather is not as bitter cold so I hope to resume my hiking very soon. I was sad to see Harmancos drop the live music for obvious reasons but I think it might have been the right move for them. Seems like since that time their food has been a lot better. Had maybe the best meal I’ll ever eaten there yesterday and I’ve been dining here since I was a little kid on my daddy’s knee, literally. The church music carries on Andu feel like we are getting better each and every...

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Protected: New Gospel Music

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Well, I try to go where the Lord leads my heart and for the past month or so that’s been Hillside Baptist church in Albemarle. I’ve been blessed enough to play alongside some fine gentlemen in the praise band. This Sunday passed we even played one of my own compositions from the GFC days that never got performed there so it was nice to see that tune finally come to fruition and really connect with the folks there to worship. My buddy Joe who’s got a long history both playing music with me and as a friend is the drummer for this group as well. PreServicePraise_01-21-2018 from Brent Bowers on...

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Time, See What’s Become of Me

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Well, I guess I’ve kind of been avoiding a new post for some time. No particular reason, just life in general and not really having anything to say for once. Still feels like I’m in a recovery/rediscovery mode these days. From loss, from a career change (definitely a good thing,) and from having a direction to run in I guess. I’m probably freer now to pursue artistic endeavors than I have ever been in my life and oddly that really doesn’t feel right. I’m much more used to having to scrape a free moment here or there to work on these things I do. I’ve spent considerable time and consideration in recent years really winnowing down my circle of close friends because it felt like I needed to. I still find myself in that mode a little bit, constantly reminding myself that this or that person, even though they look and kind of act like a friend you could call if you were stranded, really may not be in that close of standing. Gosh, I guess I am growing up in that regard. No more believing people at face value when they say that want to do this or that project. I’m finally back in church weekly and THAT really does feel right. As a complete bonus to just being around some Christians again, there is a music situation there were I get to contribute a musical offering. Just being really honest with myself and everyone else, the last two places I landed at as a church home both encouraged and then ultimately discouraged me on being church at all. You form those fast close relationships that start to matter to you only to find out that in the end they aren’t real. I just think that they whole ministry as a career is broken model and the best of intentions can turn into a self serving ideology overnight. I don’t want to hear about unchurching church or anyone man mad nonsense such as that. I go to church to hear a higher message and have the influence of good Christian folks in my life and the fellowship. I’ve kind of got that hyper artistic mind where I really do like to have several music things going on. That’s what makes me shift into that creative zone as odd as it sounds. I am really enjoying playing music with the fellas at the church. I hope to see that group of praise musicians really bloom over time. Musical collaborations are always a welcome thing. Sometimes they come and go faster than I would like, but I am always thankful for them and I always try to remain a true friend to those players I’ve been able to share the stage with. In 2017, I got to play a lot with Barry Page and Tony Torres and that was a...

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