Protected: On Child Rearing and Freelancing

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I feel like letting out a giant gasp of air. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life, Man. It happens fast. If you’re not careful you might miss it. Just like that snapping of my fingers, my kids are all grown. My son passed his 18th birthday 2 weeks ago. Liam is still with us for at least another 8 months I imagine, while he finishes school, but the job of day to day parenting is essentially over. Giving myself an honest report card, I think I garnered a C+. I could have done better, but I certainly could have done much worse. When I erred, it was on the side of being too lenient. They don’t seem to appreciate that at present but time will tell how badly I may have screwed them both up. They both have discipline and impulse problems. I’m not the most disciplined person in the world myself. I am less so than my dad and my kids are less so than me. It seems like the generations are on a slide but that’s a real bummer to talk about so enough of that. If they both manage to pay their taxes be decent folks and don’t hurt themselves or anyone else, I’ll count my job as successfully completed. I’m working solely in the freelance arena now. Less money but lots more freedom. I’m not sure if I want to go back to Corplandia. The rewards are always so limited and there is no sense of loyalty from a job well done, especially at the bigger companies. I did work for a very cool company on this last go round but the ones where I’ve spent the better part of time has taught me that they view me as an expendable resource and they essentially expect me to go above and beyond but do not have any sense of loyalty to my career or indeed me as a person. How often to I get offered to come back to a contract I’ve previously repeated but for less money for a different team or job role name? Too often my friends. They can have the fresh college grads as far as I’m concerned. I want meaningful roles where I’m well treated or none at all. As the co-owner of a successful business I simply do not have to subject myself to that kind of employment so I simply choose not to. It’s also very hard for me to take less money than a previous contract from a company who’s been repeatedly caught committing crimes only to give their exe’s nice golden parachutes when they are forced to retire for corruption. It’s ridiculous. And….I didn’t intend to rant like that. Might need to make this one...

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And Just Like That 5 New Pets Come and Go

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We’ll this week was a bitter sweet. We took in 5 new retired hens that were beyond their laying days, hoping to provide them with a stress free retirement. The chicken coup seemed secure and we only have the one small Poodle living with us now and she’s not even the sligthest bit agressive to the birds. Everything went fine the first two days and the girls seemed to be settling in nicely. Sadly, on Sunday morning we found a fox sized hole ripped through the side of the couple and 4 of the 5 hens were left on the grass inside and around the outside of the coup. The 5th, I’m hoping got away and just left for the woods. What a bummer. Before the attack I did manage to make a little video of the hens. Today We Have Chickens from Brent Bowers on Vimeo. They were well mannner for chickens and very chill. I am really bummed that this happened to...

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Have Gear Will Travel – Episode 1

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Something I do pretty frequently is work as a traveling cameraman in one capcity or another. I spent more time traveling as either the sole camera man or helping out another production than I ever have in 2016. I worked the shoots and  stayed in hotels in various locale’s from Florence SC, to upper Tennessee. I got to follow the Pfeiffer University Men’s soccer to team to all of their games except the 2 in Florida to cover their play and shoot interviews before and after games for an as yet unrelease documentary. Anytime I do anything out of the norm like that I generally shoot behind the scenes vlogs and other footage on my iPhone 7. What I do a lot less often is to forge those into proper edits I can share. After my busiest freelance photographer activity period ever, I worked two back to back contracts for the next 5 months. That and a minor surgery & subsequent recovery kept me distracted even longer.  At last I’ve decided on a format for all this bonus footage that at least makes me happy. Here’s the first. Have Gear Will Travel Chronicles – Episode1 – Image Impact in SC from Brent Bowers on...

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Hit Me With The High Points

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A Very Pointed Update Since much of my work in AEM with this current contract seems to often involved hand written HTML lists, I thought I’d give this update in bullet points and sub bullet points. I’ve gone with letters instead of discs strictly because I can. Let’s List It Out! Commuting an hour to and from work for a new contract for the next 2.5 months It’s been great so far. Great team of people Great Facility Adobe Experience Manager is Awesome Accumulating gear and knowledge for a planned hike on the Appalachian Trail starting in May Got my boots purchased from REI Waiting on their March 18th “Returns Sale” day to get the rest Planning a test hike in the Uwharies in a few weekends Seriously considering a Flip Flop approach starting in Harper’s Ferry, WV so I can hike as long as I’m between contracts this summer without running out of time in the North. Working with An Inodnesian Artist to Create Mother of Vampires Graphic Novel Character Sketches in the likeness of the actors are in Page 1 of the massive story that starts with the happenings of my film, “Take That,” is under way. I’ve given feedback and asked for a few changes and the process is working well I’ve found a Candian comics guy who’s helping with reformatting my film script to a graphic novel format. Counting the days until my first official Genesis 3 product is released at Spending time with Liam in the Gyms with kind of a two pronged goal of losing weight and spending time with my boy. He’s almost 18. If not now, then WHEN? Trying to get to Trapdoor Recording Studio in Monroe an evening per week and every other weekend to work on finishing the new album. This place is strictly no frills and essentially a home studio setup The engineer is good and very easy to work with Early results are very...

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It’s Only Romantic If You Drive Far Away…

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…..apparently. Took Nancee to Nawab in Winston Salem. Ate a bit too much to follow that up with hot tea and Truffles next door at Angelina’s Tea, by follow it up we did. Angelina’s seems to, at least in my view continue to succeed despite itself. The owner-operator has just about the flattest personality I have ever encountered. Not rude, just not interested. Nancee: We’d like a pot of Strawberry tea. Tea Barristra (under his breath as he doesn’t look up and continues to play Warcraft: We don’t have pots. So, let me get this straight, I am looking at 2 shelves of tea pots and you don’t have one. Translation = He doesn’t want to step away from his video game. It took another round of requests to talk him out of two cups of...

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A New Situation for the Next Hald Year or So

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So, being in the first week of a new contract, this week is the normal drill Lots of personal introductions, meetings and support calls trying to get access to the various systems I’ll need to do my work. I now have my laptop and am slowly get various credentials. On the upside, the people have met so far has been nice generally knowledgeable folks I generally look forward to working with. The building and entire complex really, are nicer than any other I’ve worked at. The commute won’t be quite the nightmare that I imagined because they are letting me stagger my schedule a bit to avoid rush hours. I now generally arrive by 9:25 am and depart between 5:30 and 6. This knocks my morning commute down to as little as 53 minutes on some days. It’s a bit longer to get home In the evening with a 58 minute drive. Later, when I’m fully into the work flow, I may do the long day approach and hit a couple of 8.5 hour days through the week, then leave a bit early on Friday. I think this might knock down my home ride a good overall. I generally try to use the commute to plan things, practice Spanish with my audible book or just listen to the new album I’m working on to further refine ideas. Speaking of the new album, I’ll be in the studio with a variety of friends for the next 2 Saturdays. I’d really like to get all of the recording done within the new 4 months. We’ll see. It’s a little strange to have to go to bed at a certain time and I’ve yet to get my exercise routine going on this new schedule, but I certainly will. Another big change from being between contracts is that my art time is cut down to virtually one 3 or 4 hour session per week. During that time I have to devote most of it to my edit of Flight of The Falcons. Shooting a documentary is definitely the fun part. Editing one, not so...

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