Mid Summer Update

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Well the mix is back and excepting the final album cover and booklet design, my Nashville recorded record, “Late Summer,” is complete. Soon, I can scratch that one off the bucket list. In a few months, Lord willing I’ll have all that paid for. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve got almost 11 months of massage therapy school behind us and I’ve completed roughly 100 of the 150 required clinical hours. At my current rate of work I’ll be able to wrap those 1 month ahead of graduation. 50 for 50 has been an abject failure even though the first 3 months with the trainer went great. I shouldn’t have accepted the WF contract while trying to complete school. This resulted in the first contract I’ve ever had to leave early. It had to be done when certain assurances about accommodating my school hours were set aside. I’ve started working back into the Paleo diet and plan to start back at the gym once my clinicals are complete. The Last Tuesday Concert Series is still going strong. We’ve had some good shows so far and now I have a regular backing band, The Stony Gap Entertainers. It’s been a blast and these guys show up and rehearse weekly so they has been a load of...

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Stony Gap Band

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I don’t use this monicker on a music project lightly as it is literally the name of the road I grew up and where I dwell to this very day, but that is the name of my new band. I finally found myself in the company of two dudes with ability who aren’t scared of rehearsal.We are about 6 rehearsals into building a powerhouse rock trio. I’ve really been enjoying it. We are routinely getting together 2 or 3 evenins per week to work on the sound in the room. This takes me back to my formative Absolute Zero...

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A Spring 2019 Update

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Better Living Through Digital Well, it’s been a crazy year. School, a new contract, School, New CG Projects, School, Horror Con, School, finishing the album, School, 2 new live music projects, 150 clinical hours to burn off before September and you guessed it, SCHOOL. I wish had more insightful words to offer but things are crazy as I draw ever nearer to the crossroads called, “Fifty.” I am definitely on the cusp of being able to step away from IT contracting forever when I add the L.M.T. To the end of my name. Then much more so than now my work life will revolve around the store and all that goes on there. I’ve been a fly on the wall for 12 years and look forward to becoming more involved...

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The Last Tuesday Concert Series Launches

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The Last night, along with 4 of my musical friends, I stepped on stage to kick off the 12 show series for 2019, dubbed the “Last Tuesday,” concert series. Having anyone with me always increases the energy level but having a 5 peice band, even in our formative stage as it were, was really a lot of fun. Singing the blues While we are far from what we can and will be at the end of this series, I thought our first show was quite nice with a few high points. One of which was our rendition of the deeply personal, “Late Summer.” We played that with some pinace and I enjoyed hearing the playback. With The Band I wanted to espresssly call out my musical amigos. Paul Tharp – Keys & Backing VocalsDaniel Medley – BassChris Gutierrez II – DrumsTony Torres – Harmonica, Flute &...

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The Work/ School Grind

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With the current configuration of work and school my Wednesday’s are really tough but my Thursday’s are absolutely brutal. Check this out. I typically get home from school Wednesday night around 11:45 PM from a day where I needed to leave the house around 8 am.  The Drive Thursday mornings I shower around 6 am and get out the door as quickly as possible. Then I am at work by around 7:30 am to avoid the big traffic. I leave work around 4-ish to head to school in Maiden 50 minutes away. School official runs from 6 pm until 10 pm. After the hour and a half drive home, I’m getting in no earlier than 11:30 pm. By the time I will have spent around 4 hours in the car and have drive just shy of 190 miles. I want to remember this in the same way I remember basic training in the US Army. My classmates and I are going g through some real gut check shit together. We are all enduring our trial by fire to improve ourselves. Class Lecture I am of our course proud of my wife, but I’m also proud of the other strong, intelligent women in my class. They’ve all sacrificed to improve...

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Tuesday Night Concert Series

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So this is an idea that I’ve entertained for a long time as a method to assemble and band that actually knows how to play my songs. As a singer/song writer I’ve found it difficult in the past to keep a group of musicians engaged. Nobody is getting rich on original music around these parts. Onthe contrary it basically costs you to have any sort of band or any duo or trio assembled. The gigs just aren’t there and essentially all opportuities revoled around playing covers. All save for one very special venue. I’m talking about Little Tokyo Lounge. First Brush on Late Summer Putting In All Together I’ve found the players, so now what do I do? Well, it takes time, that’s the first thing. Everyone I know that plays music has to work an actual job to make a living and just doesn’t have tons of good ole fashion time to do the work. I needed to find a way to make it fun enough for folks to hang in there for 8 – 12 months really, really be able to nail these songs live. Talent is everywhere but talent + commitment to a project is tough to come by.So after reaching out to the owner of Little Tokyo Lounge to ask aboutt he idea of playing on a night they don’t usually have bands and approaching things like a series of concert […I don’t even know what to called Little Tokyo, Restuarant and venue sure, but I just thing it’s so doggone neat and one of a kind all that seems short shrift to say]. The idea being that if we perform there monthly that in a short time the tightness and execution will improve vastly. Each memeber baiscally has to be professional enough to do the real work for practice on there own.Today we got together to see if we could get through the tunes. We did. Although more refinement is required by all of us, the basics are there and we’ll be live in action on the 29th of this month. We’ll have myself on guitar and vocals, Chris on the drums, Daniel on the bass, Paul on keys and Tony on percussion, harmonica and flute. I’m still seeking an acoustic player and 2nd backing vocalist but this is where we’ll start. Come see...

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