Tuesday Night Concert Series

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So this is an idea that I’ve entertained for a long time as a method to assemble and band that actually knows how to play my songs. As a singer/song writer I’ve found it difficult in the past to keep a group of musicians engaged. Nobody is getting rich on original music around these parts. Onthe contrary it basically costs you to have any sort of band or any duo or trio assembled. The gigs just aren’t there and essentially all opportuities revoled around playing covers. All save for one very special venue. I’m talking about Little Tokyo Lounge. First Brush on Late Summer Putting In All Together I’ve found the players, so now what do I do? Well, it takes time, that’s the first thing. Everyone I know that plays music has to work an actual job to make a living and just doesn’t have tons of good ole fashion time to do the work. I needed to find a way to make it fun enough for folks to hang in there for 8 – 12 months really, really be able to nail these songs live. Talent is everywhere but talent + commitment to a project is tough to come by.So after reaching out to the owner of Little Tokyo Lounge to ask aboutt he idea of playing on a night they don’t usually have bands and approaching things like a series of concert […I don’t even know what to called Little Tokyo, Restuarant and venue sure, but I just thing it’s so doggone neat and one of a kind all that seems short shrift to say]. The idea being that if we perform there monthly that in a short time the tightness and execution will improve vastly. Each memeber baiscally has to be professional enough to do the real work for practice on there own.Today we got together to see if we could get through the tunes. We did. Although more refinement is required by all of us, the basics are there and we’ll be live in action on the 29th of this month. We’ll have myself on guitar and vocals, Chris on the drums, Daniel on the bass, Paul on keys and Tony on percussion, harmonica and flute. I’m still seeking an acoustic player and 2nd backing vocalist but this is where we’ll start. Come see...

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Back to Training

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I use the term in the lightest way possible. I have began to be physically active recently as I’ve just gotten too fat over the last few months. I got the Life Fitness treadmill delivered just over a week ago and after waiting for 3 months to get that whole deal together, it was about time. I did get a fantastic deal on it I think, especially considering that it was delivered and installed for about 6 grand less than I could have purchased a new one sans shipping and installation. Including today, for the past 8 days the first thing I do upon waking is walk for 30 minutes on that bad boy. Yeah, I know, 30 isn’t that long but I’m intentionally trying to wade into this slowly so as to not get burned out. I sincerely plan to hit 365 days of consecutive cardio and proper diet. On Saturday, I traveled to Snug Records Studios to lay down some of the guide tracks for the new album. Eddie is producing this one and the plan is to sort of do it live-ish, as far as the rhythm tracks. That being the case, it’s important to get down plain acoustic versions of each tune to a guide track. It feels a little bit redundant as I recently demoed all these on acoustic with Gabe prior to him dropping my project. Back Working on A New Record On the other hand, that was in a home studio whereas Eddie’s place is as real and professional as a studio can be. I love being in there. Not to mention his amazing assortment of guitars which I always use on my records made there. I think we got 8 or 9 guide tracks down. Not bad. My voice was a little tired at the end but I felt that we had a solid guy for the musicians to practice...

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Late Summer Live Performance

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After a ridiculously long work week, Saturday actually brought with it an amazing practice with the new group. After only 2 practices, already I can see such great potential for a stripped down, non-electric format. We haven’t settled on a name or a complete lineup yet, but for now I’m referring to us as, “Late Summer.” Also, even though there is a banjo, I don’t really consider us blue grass, though at some point we may play a little. I think this music is firmly Americana. We will be doing a few choice covers from some yours and our favorite American songwriters. Case in point, here’s our first shot at a Bob Dylan tune called, “You Ain’t Going Nowhere.” My driving focus is that this new group be about fun and sharing music, both ours and others in a mostly acoustic setting. I think there are more local options for playing with an all acoustic format and of course the more folkie a lineup is in these parts, it seems a larger audience you open yourselves up to. For instance my folks might even be persuaded to watch this. At least I think so. It’s really quite the adjustment for me to be singing on the beat but playing after the beat with the Mandolin on these tunes. This particular instrumentation just seems to make everything so much more innocent sounding. I like that. It’s pleasant. Now if I could just stop looking at my hands. These Mandolin chords are new for me. Many folks have told me that the song, “Arlington” from my new album Faster, is their favorite from that record. Check out this re-imagining of that song by Convict Ship. It still needs work or course, but for a first pass on the tune I thought it was kind of...

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The Dog Days of Summer Are Here

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Summer in Carolina is HOT to say the very least. Thankfully, we’ve had some rainy weather that past week or so which has brought the temp down quite a bit. At work they’ve moved us into this joint team area they call “The Bull Pen.” It’s basically an entire window row opened up with one long table of two sides stuck in the middle. Upsides are: We all have a nice window view of the plaza in front of the Atrium on S. Tryon street, There’s a much better social vibe being able to talk directly to team mates instead of IM-ing someone a few rows over. Downsides are: hearing someone talk on their phone line then hearing them on the phone line of the joint meeting super delayed, some of us, myself included talk kind of loudly when we are on phone meetings and this can really hurt concentration when you’re into something complicated, and it gets hot being on the sunny side in the mornings. They notoriously keep this building too hot. Fortunately, this team has a liberal work at home policy and I try to maximize that by taking advantage on the days I have the more complicated work or a heap of it. Speaking of which, we are all so busy these days. Well, I think I finally have a line on a reasonable Life Fitness commercial treadmill. I’ll be going to check them out the first weekend of August. I am so ready to get my home fitness program going. I’ve been out of the gym completely for a few months now. I FINALLY placed the order for the physical copies of my solo album, Faster. I’ll create a website with bonus content and have a larger article and maybe video to go along with that when they are in hand and ready to go on sale at a few stores and iTunes. I’m excited to have that show on the road after so long. The whole getting my project dropped by the guy who was producing it has really left the new album, “Late Summer” in limbo for the time being. I’m now looking at re-imaging that album, producing it myself and maybe, just maybe recording it in Nashville with Tim Galloway and some of his industry professional friends. I mean that would be an experience right? We’ll have to see how the year unfolds. Lots of things around the house I need to take care of before I spend money on such a luxury but I’d definitely like to be able to call myself, “Nashville Recording Artist” someday. It’s funny that it even matters to me considering my amateur status. The day spent recording with my old buddy, Neil was a lot of a fun a few weeks back, but just like every other time before it seems that it was just...

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Happy 4th of July

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It’s been an interesting few weeks.Sometimes sticking up for what you believe in means either loosing a friend or breaking ties temporarily or even permanently. I recently had a “so called” music friend visit emotional hell on my soul. I’m not calling names, but if you follow my music projects you can figure it out. I’ve always had a bad habit of letting people get too close to me and my music, sometimes too fast. When you put your trust in someone who’s perhaps not the most trust worthy person or doesn’t have your best interest at heart. In my experience, if someone tells you that they are your best friend, or you are their best friend within a few weeks of spending time around them, chances are there is some emotional instability at play. It happened twice to me and I sincerely think the two folks in question have sociopathic tendencies. I’ve had a real “do nothing” kind of long weekend for July 4th. I took Nancee out to breakfast as her favorite restaurant, then to a shopping mall about an hour away and set her up with a bunch of spa activities, then bought her an expensive hair straightener. She seemed to have a good time, but I’m just not a big fan of crowded spaces. I also got my recently purchases iPhone 5s replaced at the Apple store. The one that they originally sent me had an issue with the glass separating in one corner. Of course dealing with AT&T’s sub standard service it was incumbent upon me to go and get the replacement in an Apple store an hour away. They want to put another $800 hold on my debit card to mail it which is total BS considering the phone didn’t even cost that much in the first place. Anyways, that was Friday. Saturday I pretty much hung out at the office and caught up on some episodic TV watching and messed with a few renders. Still pre-vising a flash back scene from my new script. That sort of led me to looking at the C For Chaos Web Series footage. I couldn’t seem to find the desire to work on it. That’s kind of the sad part of the whole thing. I care about finishing that project but when I feel completely dissed by someone, it’s hard to find the drive to work on their project. It’s not like I’m not still friends with JT, but it is a friendship I’ve had to redefine for myself and unfortunately, I think that at least for the near future we won’t be working together. I then decided to pull out some old footage I captured from one of the archive tapes. It’s a little skit originally created for our review of Terror In The Pharaoh’s tomb. Back in those days, we actually had fun working together...

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