Fall TV Pilots 1 of 2

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So I rarely talk about TV because I rarely find myself with the time to watch it. This week was a bit of an anomaly where I found myself in the position to DVR 5 or 6 pilots for the new fall TV lineup. I thought I’d take a minute and post my feelings about new shows hitting the air these days. Fear the Walking Dead Let’s be honest here. Any real fan of The Walking Dead really has to watch this don’t they? We’re all enthralled by the greatest horror drama on television so it’s only natural that most of us would want to see how it all started. For it’s part FTWD carves it’s own path as more of a slow burn than an action packed walker – fest like it’s predecessor. It stays very true to the old (read “George A Romero”) school zombie mythos which always makes a point to let us know that the zombies are the second most dangerous threat with the real menace coming from the survivors. The character Daniel puts it this way and I think this is clearly foreshadowing of things to come. “Men do these things not because of evil, they do evil because of fear.” Along with The Walking Dead, I think FTWD really transcends horror into the realm of just very good TV drama. This one is a main stay of my Season Pass manager and I watch it weekly. It’s just not the kind of show I can let ever get a few episodes in arrears. I need to know what’s happening with the characters and that’s the biggest compliment I know how to give it. Quantico Really as soon as I saw the commercial for this one I knew I had to give it a chance. Starring the unbelievably gorgeous Priyanka Chopra. I mean seriously, this lady is so pretty it makes you want to slap your mama! She’s beautiful with one of the most alluring voices I have ever heard cone out of someone’s mouth, but the character she plays on the show “Alex Parrish,” is highly flawed. Far from the wholesome Indian girl one might expect after seeing the preview. The vote’s not in yet on the show’s style. It has a lot of flashbacks and in general I’m not a big fan of that. I think it’s sometimes the result of bad writing. I’ll say this.  I am intrigued enough to watch the next episode, but that’s as far as I’ll go for a recommendation, unless you happen to be male and then there’s plenty of reason to watch it. The Player A former intelligence officer works as a security expert in Las Vegas, but wait there is a twist. He’s caught up in a word where high stakes gamblers, I mean the uber, uber rich bet on crimes and he’s sort of...

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The Honeyspider World Premier

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Last night October 18th, 2014, I got to attend the world premier screening of Kenny Caperton & John Hasty’s, “Honeyspider.” Having seen the duo’s first collaboration, the short horror film “Judith,” back in 2010, I knew I’d probably appreciate their new project. I did really like the film but before I get into that, let’s talk about the event. Holy Cow, The Gem Theater in Kannapolis, NC is an amazing classic art deco facility from a bygone era. The place is absolutely cavernous once you get inside the screening room. It has an amazing balcony that just seems to go back forever and the sound and projection are top knotch. Nancee and I had diner at our favorite Sushi place in Concord and got the Gem around 7:30. The theaters regular screenings were still going on but we snuck in and said “Hi” to Kenny and his wing man Gabriel who were just setting up their table. Kenny is a convention pro! By that I mean that he knows how to setup and event table and always has cool posters, cards and freebies for early arrivals. I snagged my pick of the two posters on offer and a glossy card, used the facility’s and went out to kill the hour and a half before start time taking snaps of the theater and just walking around the Research park that has been built up considerably in the former spot of Canon Mills. I used to live about 1 mile away from there, but haven’t been back for decades. The shopping portion of Canon village is still the same, though less business seem to occupy the shops, but the Research part now sports 3 of the largest 5 story buildings I’ve ever seen. Each floor looks like it was built to support a 100 foot tall ballroom. Giant columns up front and giant, GIANT windows. Frankly it looks like that were made for a Gotham City set or something. Very imposing stuff indeed. Around 8:30 we went into the Gem and spent the next half hour sitting into the balcony listening to Kenn’ys spot on 80’s/90’s spooky movie play list. By the time Kenny came on to introduce the movie, we were all tuned up to see a scary movie. Firstly the crowd was some 200 strong. This was probably the biggest turnout I’ve ever seen for an indie film’s debut. Kenny being just one of the nicest guys in the regional film making community this did not surprise me. His notoriety among horror fan as the owners of The Myers House NC, Kenny has a track record of solid work in the capacity of art director, producer and writer. He’s been involved in many indie shorts and feature films who’ve shot at his Halloween replica of a homestead, so again, nice guy who helps others out on their films, great work...

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Anthony Bourdain is a Pesimistic Druggy Slacker

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Its Tuesday once more and Monday passed us by before I could post an update. I did manage a decent practice with Brandon on Saturday and we got down the demo for a new song called, “Carried By Angels.” As soon as we can get all 3 guys together at some point I’ll make a quick video of it. Grant had, as he put it “mechanicin” to do on Saturday, so he didn’t come jam with us. I’ve recently watched just about every program featuring celeb chef, ex drug addict, social commentator and drunkard, Anthony Bourdain available on Netflix. Of his shows, and he’s had 4 or 5, my favorite is “Parts Unknown.” The typical format of the show is the host walking around this or that distant country and sampling the food and booze with a sympathetic host, usually to the point of getting drunk and in some cases passing out. It’s at once funny and sad to see this admitted former crack and cocaine addict disavowing the AA approach to sobriety and being apparently fine with getting stoned and drunk as a recovering crack addict. Of course the fact that he’s probably still using isn’t lost on me. Then he’ll make funny commentary over the video. He’s pretty funny in the moment too, like a liberal comedian. Notice I’m not calling him “Bill Maher-like.” I said he’s funny. I think he’s a lucky chef who was in the right place and the right time and by some miracle didn’t overdose himself to death. He basically admits as much in the show. Talk about a craggy old, rough looking dude. He’s lucky to be where he is and it seems like he knows it. And for any smokers, take a look at that guys face and THAT is where you are headed. Smoking is not kind to the skin my friends. Moving right along, when I discovered that I’ll have a lengthy layover in Raleigh town again this coming weekend, I decided to make sure I wasn’t stuck in the car, waiting on check in time again. I reached out to some friends and now have a micro short film project to shoot on Saturday night. Yeah! This one is based on a story by Jason Wheeley and I penned the very short script. I intentionally kept it small and manageable. This will be my first time handling all aspects of lighting, shooting and editing. I’ve ordered some new lights, since this will be shot indoors in simulated moonlight for the most part. It may fall short of any level of quality whatsoever, but I know we will have fun with it and it’ll be great practice. The cast and crew will consist of Jason, Jeremy Mulis and myself, so I know that it will be low key and fun. Nancee will be back taking another class at...

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Weekend Unplug Required

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After a rather long work week full evenings filled with editing a prepping a co-workers submission for Project Green Light, I was more than ready for a relaxing weekend. I always say that I prefer being busy and that is very true indeed, but this week was about the 3 week in  row of almost 50 hours on the clock and even more on project work. At the end of my work day on Friday, I felt overdue for a bit of a break. Actually, Friday night is kind of a blur. I think I did start catching up on some recent movie releases I’d previously missed with a viewing of, The Purge: Anarchy. Saturday morning started off with a 10:00 am visit to Nancee’s favorite tea spot for breakfast. I had a BLT which was very tasty indeed and Nancee had a couple of egg whites and a cup of tea. We chatted a bit and then headed into the store. I did the usual checking of emails and perusing some of the 3d sites but really just didn’t feel like being on the internet at all. I headed out just prior to 1 o clock and made my way up to Eastgate on foot. I do really love the fact that the theater is such an easy walking distance from my office in Albemarle Nutrition. I don’t get out to see as many movies as I’d like but that’s not for lack of easy access to the venue. Of course I had to check Guardians of the Galaxy and I’m very glad that I did. It was just as entertaining as everyone said that it was and was also extremely visually engaging. A Visual effects feast was enjoyed by all to say the least. I also dug up a few of the digital comics to see what these characters were all about. One thing I truly dug about this film as the retro feel and throwback to early eighties music. Oh yeah, and one more thing. Michael “Merle” Rooker makes one more bad ass alien! Don’t mess with a guy who carries a mind controlled death spike. He He! I truly believe that even the miserable anti-fan boy Todd A Britt couldn’t possible hate this film and Todd hates everything! Saturday evening, I got together with my neighbor Grant and Brandon Almond to start working up some live music in support of my album, “Faster” There was a really good vibe and pretty solid chemistry. We probably jammed for 3 hours. Brandon’s a multi-instrumentalist and played some banjo and mandolin with us. That immediately gave all the tunes a different feel. I’m really very excited to be changing up the format and getting back to some live performance. My focus has always been and remains on recording but getting to play live is like having your cake and...

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Crossbones – A Show Worth Watching

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What can I say? I love this show. The teaser did absolutely nothing for me but I gave it a chance anyway and I’m certainly glad that I did. I mean, seriously what’s not to love about pirates?     This article is cross posted from the NY times. Land, Ho! A Cerebral Blackbeard John Malkovich Plays a Pirate in NBC’s ‘Crossbones’ By NEIL GENZLINGERMAY 29, 2014 In “Crossbones,” an adventure series that NBC rolls out on Friday night, John Malkovich makes his delightful Blackbeard considerably more cerebral than pirates generally are. And “cerebral” takes on a hilarious new connotation in one scene in the premiere: Blackbeard turns up with a porcupine’s worth of needles sticking out of his bald head, an effort to relieve headaches. Mr. Malkovich is perfectly suited to pull off this fearsome/eccentric/possibly psychopathic character, so much so that you miss him whenever he’s not around. Poor Richard Coyle, who has the unenviable task of being what might be considered the main character in the series, just can’t compete. Mr. Coyle plays Tom Lowe, a British spy who poses as a doctor aboard a ship carrying a revolutionary navigational device. The gizmo is a type of chronometer that could change the dynamics of the high seas and, it is said, put pirates out of business. Blackbeard’s crew attacks the ship and ends up with Lowe in custody, which is just where he wants to be, since one of his assignments is to kill Blackbeard. He is hauled back to the island where Blackbeard (who, by the way, does not like to be called Blackbeard, perhaps because his beard is just a goatee and it’s white) has established a sort of private country. It’s 1729, and the pirate seems to have been reading up on political theory: He is trying to establish an outlaw’s version of a society based on the rule of law, something that gets him in a pickle in Episode 2. A twisted sort of symbiotic relationship develops between Blackbeard and Tom, each unable to do away with the other without sacrificing a larger goal. The series was created by Neil Cross, James V. Hart and Amanda Welles; Mr. Cross’s previous work includes the brainy crime drama “Luther.” He and the other writers avoid the “ahoy, matey” stuff (these pirates spend most of their time on dry land) and instead make sure to give their characters, especially Blackbeard, a decent ration of smart dialogue in each episode. It’s sophisticated, well-acted television for a warm-weather series. With “Crossbones” and “Black Sails” on Starz, pirates are certainly having their moment on...

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