Mid Summer Update

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Well the mix is back and excepting the final album cover and booklet design, my Nashville recorded record, “Late Summer,” is complete. Soon, I can scratch that one off the bucket list. In a few months, Lord willing I’ll have all that paid for. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve got almost 11 months of massage therapy school behind us and I’ve completed roughly 100 of the 150 required clinical hours. At my current rate of work I’ll be able to wrap those 1 month ahead of graduation. 50 for 50 has been an abject failure even though the first 3 months with the trainer went great. I shouldn’t have accepted the WF contract while trying to complete school. This resulted in the first contract I’ve ever had to leave early. It had to be done when certain assurances about accommodating my school hours were set aside. I’ve started working back into the Paleo diet and plan to start back at the gym once my clinicals are complete. The Last Tuesday Concert Series is still going strong. We’ve had some good shows so far and now I have a regular backing band, The Stony Gap Entertainers. It’s been a blast and these guys show up and rehearse weekly so they has been a load of...

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Nashville and Beyond

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The timing had to be just right to pull off a weekend trip to Nashville to record my second solo album. With night school two nights per week a full 1.5 hours away from home, I knew I’d be sliding into the experience a little frazzled.  The week of the trip was nothing but cold and wet Monday through Wednesday. As it turned out we wound up skipping class that Thursday night in response to the weather. One concern I had about driving so far then having to be focused on my game was mitigated when my friend Rob agreed to drive us. It shouldn’t go without saying that none of this would have been possible without the help and hospitality of friend and former local guitar hero, Tim Galloway who graciously hosted us in his home. Tim also served as band leader and co- producer on this record. The following is a bit of a play by play so that I don’t forget the details of such a unique experience. Nashville and...

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Have Gear Will Travel – Episode 1

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Something I do pretty frequently is work as a traveling cameraman in one capcity or another. I spent more time traveling as either the sole camera man or helping out another production than I ever have in 2016. I worked the shoots and  stayed in hotels in various locale’s from Florence SC, to upper Tennessee. I got to follow the Pfeiffer University Men’s soccer to team to all of their games except the 2 in Florida to cover their play and shoot interviews before and after games for an as yet unrelease documentary. Anytime I do anything out of the norm like that I generally shoot behind the scenes vlogs and other footage on my iPhone 7. What I do a lot less often is to forge those into proper edits I can share. After my busiest freelance photographer activity period ever, I worked two back to back contracts for the next 5 months. That and a minor surgery & subsequent recovery kept me distracted even longer.  At last I’ve decided on a format for all this bonus footage that at least makes me happy. Here’s the first. Have Gear Will Travel Chronicles – Episode1 – Image Impact in SC from Brent Bowers on...

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The Respawner Pilot Respawner is really my first attempt at world building. The character was conceived along with her own universe in which her supporting characters would be fleshed out as they enthralled us with weekly or monthly adventures. Unfortunately, petty jealousy and animosity kept my film making partners from fully embracing the series and some poor casting on the part of the director, namely myself, doomed the original production from that start along with my own inexperience at planning and executing such a large endeavor. For those that care to dig a little deeper, in these pages you will find the bones of a dream project that fell by the wayside. However, a ton ton of exploratory content was created and I think that it’s worth sharing here. We took a ton of images while making the season 1 trailer and pilot episode. Check those out here. Much of the content was published via the Mutantville.com website and Youtube channel, but some of it, very few eyes have ever beheld. For instance, did you know that there was an official Respawner fan page and a website? I’m slowly but surely moving all my video content from the MVP Channel over to my Vimeo channel where there’s less hassle with ads and generally more control over video quality. As I move a file over, I’ll add the new version on this page if it’s Respawner related. Respawner from Brent Bowers on Vimeo. The Respawner Test Film That Started It All The Season 1 Respawner Teaser The Making of Respawner Behind The Scenes Promotions Check out lead actresses Sylvia Burris & Kathy Butler Sandvoss promoting the show On The Red...

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