Finding Inspiration Everywhere

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Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, unknowing, uncaring about the tiny ants that weave in between their toes, running to and fro trying to find meaning in their barely noticeable lives. I have heard the statistics on how most films fail. They aren’t talking about me, so I pay it no heed. It’s time to create another world, to envision and bring to reality the fictional lives of my heroes and my villains as I create a universe where their every feeling matters. Up until recently, I thought I’d had my artistic future mapped out for the next few years on a follow up to 2012’s Tales from Mutantville involving 4 new short films from scripts written by Streebo a few based on stories from myself, a 3rd episode of Muticia’s Movie Morgue and an epic new tale from Streebo 2 years in the making covertly referred to as, “Blue Harvest – the Screw Everybody Edition.” As I was trying to figure out my role for Blue Harvest and how I could really contribute, we kind of fell into those old familiar ruts. Streebo actually just made it really clear to me that we are headed in two different directions. It’s more than just, “You can go your own way.” At this point, it’s more like, “You SHOULD go your own way!” It’s a moral imperative. Mutantville is just too comfortable and easy to fall into the same old role with. I need to progress and that means taking the reins creatively. I more or less started the process of making my exit 2 years ago with my big, “Stepping Back from Mutantville” post. There’s really no need for the dramatics at this point. It’s just been a really slow exit and promises to continue being slow as I’ll be working on C for Chaos – The Web Series for many moons to come. J.T. and Geo are my homeboys and I’ll answer when they call, always. I just won’t be making any new (self written) content under that brand. We sure had a grand time and it’s nothing I’d ever be ashamed of. TFM was fun to make with all its struggles. Muticia’s been fun and Vanelle has been a real sport about doing that with us. The misguided G.H.O.S.T. family horror film was fun to make and I still find it entertaining to watch, despite the extremely watered down antagonist. I actually thought Muticia’s Movie Morgue was probably the best pure Mutantville project to date. If I’m being honest however, I think “Take That” and “Buddy Row” were...

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Take That, Mother of Vampires, Nevermore & Blak Saturn

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This weekend, I’m heading off to Durham, North Carolina where Nevermore film festival is putting me up in a sweet condo for the weekend. Our film, “Take That”, is showing and several of the cast and crew will be there to help me enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s been a goal of mine to get one of my efforts accepted into the festival since, Jamie McRoberts’, “Scarecrow at Midnight,” played there a few years ago. We had such a good time that weekend that it’s something I’ve always wanted to duplicate with a film I directed. At last that is happening so Whoya! I anticipate one heck of a good time to be had by all. Summer is planning to tag along for this trip and I like the idea that she can be exposed to something positive coming from being a dreamer and just making something happen like a film, even when you have no budget. Hopefully she will be suitably impressed. We never get to do that much together so I’m glad for this opportunity include her in my favorite hobby. Check out the gallery below for a glimpse into some of what went into making, “Take That.” Johnny’s Office Set. Robert getting the shot. Video village. It’s about to hit the fan! Morgan becoming Seraphine. The space before set decoration. Chuck Freaking Norris. Nuff Said! Johnny’s Desk Johnny gets a hicky! Cinematic! Morgan between takes in Charlotte. Action! Todd working on a makeup. Steak Anyone? Well the first two days off active production on my first feature lengthed script, Mother of Vampires is behind us now and while I can’t say that it went off without a hitch, I can say that between Robert, myself and the few who turned out to help on  the crew, we got her done. The footage looks great as is the norm coming from Robert being behind the camera. In the “Bet You Never Thought This Would Happen” category, Blak Saturn has asked me to return as a guitar player to the reformed band. I guess they thought enough of my previous contributions on bass to consider me for filling a guitar role, guitar being my primary instrument. The guy who replaced me before on bass is a world class player and I hear great things about the new drummer as well. I’m excited for the challenge and look forward to at least 2 shows with them in March and perhaps more regular performances going forward. Anything that puts a guitar in my hands is a good thing. I always plan to update my own site more regularly than I do. Though I’m sure I only have a few readers, distant family, or old classmates for example, I’d like to keep these posts more timely. I give up most of my blog time to with my weekly article,...

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Take That is a Wrap Son!

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After this weekend I return to you with my creative coffers filled and even over flowing. My first “sans MVP” project, “Take That” has been realized. I guess more correctly, it’s been shot. There’s still the matter of editing and scoring and assorted promotional efforts, but it’s a reality now, barring any hard drive explosion. I set out to make something original and fun and to pull together a project that could be a great time for all involved. While the final version is yet to be created, based on feedback, I think I’ve succeeded on the “fun” part. There really was a fantastic sense of comradery and …well, just people having fun on the sets. There were lots of smiling faces. Every challenge, and there were a few, was met with a “Let’s get it done” attitude. I’d like to make a point at this juncture to single out the people involved. Robert W. Filion (a film making legend in his own mind and my mind as well) probably had the toughest task of all as 99% of all the shots were made using the glide cam, a.k.a. “The Torture Device.” I know you had some back pain after all of that and I don’t for one second think that I could have made this film as good as it is without! You da man. Thanks Robert. Julian Safrit & Alan Silsby, you guys did everything that was asked of you and maintained a positive attitude during the down times. I sincerely thank you guys and look forward to working with you on future projects. Jeremy Mullis, you’re such a go getter and I wasn’t the only one to take notice. Thank you my friend for all that you do, not just on my films, but in support of my music as well. I foresee you going places as a film maker and musician. You’re a good friend and a great asset to any film crew. To my excellent cast, Morgan Monig, Steven Tucker & Michael Ruff, you guys were just a joy to direct. Thank you so much. I recommend you all in the highest terms possible. Morgan thanks for tolerating the makeup, dentures and contacts and for suffering through that casting process. To my makeup bitch boy master of makeup illusions Todd A. Britt. Once again you managed to improve on your previous makeup feats and delivered on the screen. I think that the terminator-esque effect was a starring piece and people will be wowed by it. It’s always a pleasure to get through one of these projects with you. Good things are coming your way. After this film is editing and ready to submit it’s going to be back to music and a sleeper Mutantville project that’s long been shot for Johnny Brento. Over the process of this project and 2 more I’ll be working...

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Take That Day 1

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It shouldn’t go without saying that this weekend was AWESOME! It represented a new era for myself as a film maker. We shot the first day of “Take That” our horror comedy starring Morgan Monig, Steven Tucker and Michael Ruff & lensed by Robert W. Filion. The weather tried to throw us a curve ball Saturday, when we were scheduled to film our exteriors, but we got jiggy with it and switched over to our indoor location. What followed was a 21 hour shooting day that was nothing short of epic. The cast and crew all stepped up to create something truly special. While I missed my Mutantville brethren, I have to say that I did not miss that additional drama from too many chiefs trying to run the show. Having a firm hand on the direction felt right and I believe that the final product will prove that out as the best method, at least for me. While I’ve helped out on every single one of their projects and they’ve chose to not directly take part in my new venture, it’d be easy to have hard feelings over that, but I honestly do not. I view this whole, shooting without Streebo and Geo business as a chance to grow artistically. The next time I’m on an MVP, or perhaps I should say MVPlayer project, since our hash tag got robbed (Twitter You Suck!!!), I’ll be able to contribute that experience to the benefit of all. Our last minute casting change may well have been a blessing in disguise. Not to knock the guy who passed on the role a few weeks ago, but Steven Tucker really took his preparation seriously and brought an unexpected sincerity to the role.  I’m really glad things worked out so that he could take this role Now, he’s the only one I see for that character. Timberlake ain’t the only one brining sexy back. Morgan warmed up this role quickly and really brought believability to the undead antagonist, Séraphine. The wardrobe was definitely challenging to do action in but she pulled it off admirably and there films climax looked utterly amazing! I can’t wait to share it with you all! Makeup master Todd A. Britt pulled off both  physical effects gag and no less than 3 character makeups in a single evening admirably.  One of which is probably the best thing I’d ever seen him create! Lastly, but certainly not least, Julian, Jeremy and Alan, we simply couldn’t have done it without you guys. The hours of set dressing and subsequent removal of set dressing was a HUGE contribution to this film. I think you guys from the bottom of my heart and you have a place on my crew anytime! We have one more shoot day to go and I think it’s going to take place next Saturday, October 6th, Lord willing....

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Take That Pre-Production

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My weekend got terminated! Isn’t it funny how on in the times in which you don’t have a lot going on, you totally take the down time for granted? Then when you are super busy, you long for a weekend to just totally chill out. We humans are a restless, hard to please lot. That is for sure and for certain. Saturday was probably the toughest day of pre-production for, “Take That,” we’ll have. I was slated to be at Todd’s around 9:00 am and our actress was supposed to arrive at 10:00 for casting. When I say casting, I don’t mean in the, “We’re reading you for a role” sense. I mean it in the sense of taking an impression of her face and basic parts needed for a particular effect. It’s tough work with lots that can go wrong. I’ll get to that in a minute. I was woken up on Saturday morning to the sound of barking. As my two lovely dogs had both died this year, hearing that was a bit of a shock. I hopped out of bed and ran down to check it out. A kind of large, tan dog was quick to dart in to the woods as soon as I came out the door. Ah well, guess he didn’t want to deal with me so , back to bed says I. Around 30 minutes later, more barking. This time, I come out the door and two adorable puppies and a dog I presumed to be their mother are out there, kind of barking at our cats on the porch. I approached them with a friendly stance and demeanor and it appeared to me that they were hungry. I took a handful of cat food from the cat bowl and offered it to them. The puppies came over right away, follow shortly by the momma dog who looks like a Pitbull mix of brindle color. I emptied out the fridge of any old food I thought they’d like and they gladly ate it all, including a whole pack of tortilla wraps. The mother dog was especially hungry and it appeared she was still nursing so I gave her the lions share. I got a bit more of the cat food and took it into my dog lot. I put in fresh water and the dogs all seemed happy and trusting enough to walk in. Since I was unsure of their demeanor towards the cats, I locked them in and went to town to get dog food. The funny thing was that they seemed perfectly content to stay in their, eat and chill. They didn’t yelp to be let out the first time. That’s unusual for until a dog gets used to the idea of being fenced in. At the store, I mentioned to the cashier, my new visitors. She said they some...

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