Take That Pre-Production and Other Stuff

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News around these parts is usually posted on Monday’s in the pre-work meditation to get the coming influx of tasks into perspective. This week I break with the tradition and tell you of the hectic weekend ahead. Tonight, I’m taking the opportunity to watch ParaNorman as that is the only time open to do so and I don’t want to miss it on the big screen. After the show I have to ferry my guitar amp and other gear over to Boomerang for Tommy O’Dell’s two services there this weekend.   Saturday morning at 9:00 am I’ll be at the Mad Doctor’s lab, preparing to take various castings for our “Take That” actress, Morgan Monnig. I’m still considering how to capture the pre-production work for supplemental material on the eventual screener DVD. I’m considering handling all this behind the scenes footage with my iPhone now that I can attach it to a tripod. You just need really good lighting when using it but the video is HD and quite nice. The shortfall is the audio recording but in the case of most of the BTS stuff, the audio is music or narrative overdub. Sunday, church and Muticia’s Movie Morgue work with Streebo. I’m in discussion now with some new folks about various musical projects. I hope to have some exciting things to announce soon. Also on that front, I’ll be back in the studio working on my 3 album, Pop Package within the next few weeks. In summary, I’ve got my plate full and I thank The Good Lord for...

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Metatron Files Cancelled

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Hello Mutants, It’s time to crank the Boyz 2 Men and break out the tissues. Johnny Brento has his walking shoes on! Actually, it’s nothing as dramatic as that. As Streebo previously mentioned, changes are coming to our lovely Mutantville home. Where one road ends, another begins. I’ve mentioned a “stepping back” from Mutantville to a few of you and my partners. The time has come to clarify that a bit more and set the scene for what’s to come. In short, too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the soup. I have a different idea of where Mutantville should focus than do my partners. It’s totally cool, but rather than try to struggle against the status quo, which at present is the promotion of all things speculative fiction, horror conventions, film festivals and the like, I’d rather get out of their way and let them achieve all they can on that front without my interference. I’m still a founding partner and I’ll maintain my place at the table with this weekly column, where I’ll share what’s up on my end as long as they boys will have me.  As I write and shoot new things, if they are appropriate for the brand MVP, Mutantville will get first crack at taking part. In cases where one of the guys doesn’t want in on a new project I’m inspired to do, as in the case with the first new project I’ll announce, Take That, I’ll forge ahead with whomever wants to take part in my projects. I’ll go one step beyond and say that I think this to be a good move which has been a long time coming. Jamie wants to throw his movie making muscle into the things he writes and the same is true of me. It’s only natural. I’ve put much contemplation into the matter and believe if everyone can just get around the immediate emotions, everything can work out to the benefit of Mutantville.com and all concerned. New Projects & Old My big effort for the year will be a vampire comedy called, “Take That.” You can follow the link to my site for a bit more info. I’m still in the early stages of pre-production but the script has had some incredibly positive feedback from story tellers I have a lot of respect for. A talented cast has been assemble and will be reveal shortly on the fan page. I’ve been asked to co-direct, along with Robert W. Filion (actually I was asked to direct, but Robert wouldn’t agree to shoot it if he wasn’t director), a new script from the guys at CutshawKane called, “Mosaic 33”  Chris Ferree and Brad Hord have long supported both Mutantville Productions and myself. I was very flattered to be asked and in fact really dig the story, which is a Sci Fi thriller. Not to mention I’ll...

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Take That – A New Short Film Announced

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I’ve sat on the news of this new project for some time now, waiting until the time felt right to share it with you all. I have taken a small step back from Mutantville Productions to place a little more focus on what I want to accomplish for myself as a film maker. I’m not mad at my partners or anything like that and there is no falling out to speak of as far as I’m concerned. I’ll still assist those guys from time to time and some of them will assist me in my projects. I just couldn’t get Mutantville, as a whole, on board to produce anything I wrote. It was only logical to finally take this step out on my own for a short film project. I have an 11 page script for a Vampire comedy I’d like to turn into a reality. Geo and Todd have agreed to help me in this endeavor and I’ll even be featuring a cast compromised primarily of Mutantville Players. Robert Filion will lens the film and I’ll direct and wear whatever other hat is necessary as we’ll be running skeleton crew. In fact, several of the actors will also have a production role. That small, tight knit, intimate group is one of the things I’m surely aiming for with this project.   Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think some of the recent MVP productions got a little too big and expensive. The more folks you involve, the greater chance of someone being under-utilized or coming away feeling taken for granted. I know that has happened, because actors have told me so. Why, they felt inclined to speak to me instead of the director, who knows. If I’m not directing, my hands are really tied. I can make suggestions and either they are taken or they are not. Understand that I’m not slaggin anyone here, least of all my partners. It’s just that when a project gets beyond a certain size, you either have to let go of some of the micro-management and trust someone else to do it, or it doesn’t get given the attention it deserves. On the flip side, some of us, me included, probably didn’t step up as firmly as we should have to take this or that mantle to relieve the director. I think a few of our projects really suffered from this. The point I’m driving at here is that my new project will NOT over reach and will use it’s small size as an advantage during production.  There won’t be a dozen people sitting around, waiting for their moment. Everyone will be treated well, feed well and their time will be respected. The project is called, “Take That.” It’s a fun, funny little romp about a formerly proud soldier who returns home to be pacified by a jealous...

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