Finding Inspiration Everywhere

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Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, unknowing, uncaring about the tiny ants that weave in between their toes, running to and fro trying to find meaning in their barely noticeable lives. I have heard the statistics on how most films fail. They aren’t talking about me, so I pay it no heed. It’s time to create another world, to envision and bring to reality the fictional lives of my heroes and my villains as I create a universe where their every feeling matters. Up until recently, I thought I’d had my artistic future mapped out for the next few years on a follow up to 2012’s Tales from Mutantville involving 4 new short films from scripts written by Streebo a few based on stories from myself, a 3rd episode of Muticia’s Movie Morgue and an epic new tale from Streebo 2 years in the making covertly referred to as, “Blue Harvest – the Screw Everybody Edition.” As I was trying to figure out my role for Blue Harvest and how I could really contribute, we kind of fell into those old familiar ruts. Streebo actually just made it really clear to me that we are headed in two different directions. It’s more than just, “You can go your own way.” At this point, it’s more like, “You SHOULD go your own way!” It’s a moral imperative. Mutantville is just too comfortable and easy to fall into the same old role with. I need to progress and that means taking the reins creatively. I more or less started the process of making my exit 2 years ago with my big, “Stepping Back from Mutantville” post. There’s really no need for the dramatics at this point. It’s just been a really slow exit and promises to continue being slow as I’ll be working on C for Chaos – The Web Series for many moons to come. J.T. and Geo are my homeboys and I’ll answer when they call, always. I just won’t be making any new (self written) content under that brand. We sure had a grand time and it’s nothing I’d ever be ashamed of. TFM was fun to make with all its struggles. Muticia’s been fun and Vanelle has been a real sport about doing that with us. The misguided G.H.O.S.T. family horror film was fun to make and I still find it entertaining to watch, despite the extremely watered down antagonist. I actually thought Muticia’s Movie Morgue was probably the best pure Mutantville project to date. If I’m being honest however, I think “Take That” and “Buddy Row” were...

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Buddy Row Screenings

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I just wanted to note that there were two Buddy Row screenings this summer. One at Mad Monster Party 2014 which was a huge success and a follow up screening at the smaller Kiluride Film Festival in North Myrtle beach which I wasn’t able to attend in person. There is a new cut of the film at present which I hope to screen somewhere this year and I can get the cast motivated there will be an all new sound mix. Well, in point of fact there is already an all new sound mix, I’m just hoping to re-record all the actors voices so I can make cleaner ambient tracks. It is what it is when you shoot next to a highway in a trailer park. You’ll know more when I know...

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The Buddy Row World Premier

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Wow, Boys and Girls, Mad Monster Party is on us once again and as per my usual routine, I’m buried in promotional items to finish off for the Film Fest myself and the rest of Mutantville Productions puts on there annually. In particular, today I’m struggling to get the final build of the Buddy Row DVD ready. There are minor tweaks still being made to the audio mix and sound design by my new buddy and musical collaborator, Scott Russel. I hope to have the final render in hand or even better on a DVD sometime today. It’s really funny how these little short film projects work. You get kind of worn out shooting it, even to the point where you think, I’m never doing this again. Then after a few weeks go by and you have a rough assembly it all seems really neato mosquito again. Then over the coming weeks you get a little tired of ironing out the kinks, but eventually the day comes when you are ready to say, “It’s done to the best of my ability.” Today is that day for me and the Buddy Row project. Just like all my projects, when I watch it I will only see the flaws, but that’s something I accept. I actually expect people to really like this film. If you are a fan of the old slashers and like a little gore and the ridiculous in your horror films, this one will get you entertained. At the end of the day that is the entire point. To entertain those of us who made and those we get to share it with. If Buddy Row gets the reaction I hope it will, you may hear from this character again. At this point that’s all I’m willing to divulge. Who knows how the road will bend or if I will even make another movie? Thankfully, after I did a first pass at an edit for Episode #2 of Muticia’s Movie Morgue which I directed a few months back, Streebo took it off my hands for fine edits and some sound design. I have to say that I like the way that has come together. It’s a marked improvement over the first episode, Duh, I directed this one. Only kidding. Actually it’s better because more time and feedback were taken into consideration for the 4 versions of this script. THAT made a huge difference this time around. Unlike in times past, I’m currently really into working with Mutantville and I do look forward to what’s next for us film wise. What little I know, I’m not at liberty to discuss. Suffice to say that (Working Title Because We’ve Grown Weary of being constantly imitated by local film makers – Just telling it like it is) Blue Harvest – The Screw Everybody Edition will be a major departure from any...

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Film Making Update

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After a crazy week of T-shirt design, video editing and music making, I decided to take a little rest and catch up the latest UFC card and the first epic season of the history channel’s Vikings. The UFC card kind of stunk it up in my humble opinion with first a super late stoppage by veteran Ref Herb Dean and then a ridiculously early stoppage in the main event. Vikings on the other hand, at least through episode 5 is thus far AWESOME! Jumping back to Wednesday past, I had a really fun photo shoot with Vanelle and Jamie Wilburn. The whole experience really re-sparked my interest in photography. I ordered a tether release that will allow me to get into night shooting and that has been on the to do list for quite some time now.  I could easily get lost in photography. Working with a pro like Jamie Wilburn just highlights how much I don’t know and could improve. His shots from this shoot were really amazing. I want to gain all the photog knowledge I can, Osmosis like. I literally want to stop doing all the other things I’m into at the moment and just focus on learning photography as quickly as I can. However, as per usual, I have deadlines for my films that cannot be ignored. On that note a few of my new things are now officially scheduled to premier. The slasher I wrote, directed and edited for Steven Tucker and Ben Horton will premier at Mad Monster Party, Friday March 21st at 10:15 PM. We’ll be kicking off the Ten Til Midnight short film block. It’s going to be loud and bloody. That I can promise. We and by we I mean, “I” still have to button up the sound design and score, but apart from the that the film is looking great! I cannot wait to share it. It’s a gory bloody romp. Buddy Row will also screen again on Saturday at 11PM Another project I recently directed and did the primary editing on is Muticia’s Movie Morgue Episode #2. It will have it’s world premier at 7PM on Saturday March 22nd, also at MMP, and will include a live shadow cast. This one was a lot of fun and should garner much laughter. Lastly, a film I was involved with and am credited as co-director on (honestly, I wasn’t really allowed to direct, but really served in more of a [crew member of many duties] type role) Mosaic 33 is screening in 3 times over the weekend. Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 1PM & Sunday at 12 Noon, It’s a sci fi thriller with elements of a monster movie written by my friend and studio drummer on my latest album, Brad Hord. It features some of the sickest opening titles I’ve ever seen by my buddy, Robert W Filion and...

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