Film Making Update

Posted by on Feb 24, 2014 in Buddy Row, Mosaic 33, Muticia's Movie Morgue | 0 comments

After a crazy week of T-shirt design, video editing and music making, I decided to take a little rest and catch up the latest UFC card and the first epic season of the history channel’s Vikings. The UFC card kind of stunk it up in my humble opinion with first a super late stoppage by veteran Ref Herb Dean and then a ridiculously early stoppage in the main event. Vikings on the other hand, at least through episode 5 is thus far AWESOME! Jumping back to Wednesday past, I had a really fun photo shoot with Vanelle and Jamie Wilburn. The whole experience really re-sparked my interest in photography. I ordered a tether release that will allow me to get into night shooting and that has been on the to do list for quite some time now.  I could easily get lost in photography. Working with a pro like Jamie Wilburn just highlights how much I don’t know and could improve. His shots from this shoot were really amazing. I want to gain all the photog knowledge I can, Osmosis like. I literally want to stop doing all the other things I’m into at the moment and just focus on learning photography as quickly as I can. However, as per usual, I have deadlines for my films that cannot be ignored. On that note a few of my new things are now officially scheduled to premier. The slasher I wrote, directed and edited for Steven Tucker and Ben Horton will premier at Mad Monster Party, Friday March 21st at 10:15 PM. We’ll be kicking off the Ten Til Midnight short film block. It’s going to be loud and bloody. That I can promise. We and by we I mean, “I” still have to button up the sound design and score, but apart from the that the film is looking great! I cannot wait to share it. It’s a gory bloody romp. Buddy Row will also screen again on Saturday at 11PM Another project I recently directed and did the primary editing on is Muticia’s Movie Morgue Episode #2. It will have it’s world premier at 7PM on Saturday March 22nd, also at MMP, and will include a live shadow cast. This one was a lot of fun and should garner much laughter. Lastly, a film I was involved with and am credited as co-director on (honestly, I wasn’t really allowed to direct, but really served in more of a [crew member of many duties] type role) Mosaic 33 is screening in 3 times over the weekend. Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 1PM & Sunday at 12 Noon, It’s a sci fi thriller with elements of a monster movie written by my friend and studio drummer on my latest album, Brad Hord. It features some of the sickest opening titles I’ve ever seen by my buddy, Robert W Filion and...

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