All My Posts Are About Two Spies Trio These Days

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False Judas – performed by The Two Spies Trio from Brent Bowers on Vimeo. The Two Spies Trio Summer Americana Tour is now extended into the fall “FRODO! If I take one more step it’ll be the farthest away from The Shire I’ve ever been.” In two days time I travel to Lynchburg, Virginia for a Two Spies show at the Whitehart Cafe. This will officially be the most distant gig from home I’ve ever played. How exciting. I sometimes do miss my rock n roll roots but this folky thing has been a lot of fun and it has afforded me the opportunity to get my original music out there in a much bigger way. That’s been a blessing. What a busy, busy Summer. With the addition of bass player & vocalist Carolyn Munn upgrading Two Spies from a duo to a trio, we’ve honestly been receiving rave reviews, which is welcomed considering the work we’ve put into our original music and social media since January 2015. Things are starting to reach a certain momentum and venues are finally calling us to book shows instead of the other way around. It seems our particular brand of folk Americana with bluegrass instrumentation has struck a chord and we do seem to be filling a niche. I’m not aware of another group quite like us in the region. I know we are all enjoying the weekly, or in some cases twice weekly shows, but it will be good to get a break to develop new material and work on the record over in November. My Mando skills are definitely coming along. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the scales and it’s starting to really feel a part of me, as the guitar does. What to add to my tool box next? Fiddle? Lap Steel? Nothing but time and instruments to be discovered. Hi Diddly Dee! A musicians life for...

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Hyper Artist Man & The Tour Bus Rolls On

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Well, I’ve been in hyper-artist mode between Two Spies and script writing and storyboard rendering. It’s funny how often times the busier I am the more the creative vibes want to flow. I try to always let them. You knows when inspiration will come or go. I’m here for a finite time and have a lot of art to make in that time. The musical thing is going really well at the moment. I seem to have finally found the write people to forge a new body of music with and I am very very happy about that. Americana is a really honest sounding and feeling genre to work in and it kind of comes naturally to me. Presently, The Two Spies Trio is coming up on the 3 performance of our 9 week Summer 2015 – Americana tour. So far we’ve played a show at Badin Treehouse Co in where else but Badin, NC, this weekend it was Provisions Local Market in Waxhaw and this Saturday it’s a 1 hour set at Albemarle Nutrition from 1 – 2. Following that we’ll be returning to the legendary Harmancos on September 4th for a long Friday night show. September 12 it’s Morgan’s Tavern in Stanfield which we’ve never played before, then off to Lynchburg Virginia o September 19th to play the White Hart Cafe. BTW, that’s our first out of state booking so that is pretty cool. Afterwards, more local area gigs up through Oct 9th. Hopefully, after this flurry of shows we’ll to get back into the studio and polish off our debut record, “Following The Road.” We continued to produce new original Americana songs at the rate of about 1 every two weeks. Each song seems to be something better than the last one so that is an exciting state to be in with a band. Further out perhaps we’ll see Two Spies as a fully formed electric band. Hey, it worked out O.K. for Mr Dylan when he went electric right? Well, I’ve lost a few more lbs still but nothing super dramatic yet. I’ve been so busy with the music it’s kind of diverted me from proper exercise but frankly I plan to correct that post haste! I’m starting a new cleanse with Nancee today and those are never easy but they do kick off weigh loss in most cases. This morning it was a lemon juice and vinegar concoction. Not too bad. Let the record state that this morning my weight was at 325.5lbs. 250 is a long ways off but I will get there either before or after I begin my hiking on the AT this fall. On that note I’ve done zero training hiking since the short jaunt with Big Daddy months ago. It’s been awfully hot and that’s starting to change now so I hope to get myself on the Morrow Mountain trails...

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Two Spies Trio – Americana Tour 2015

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Well, I’ve played many shows in many types of places with my legacy bands and acoustic collaborations over the years. If all goes as planned, in two weeks I can add grocery store to that list of venues. Ever since I heard that cute pixie of an actress, Rachael Leigh Cook utter the words, “What’s up shoppers” in her roles as Josie McCoy in the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats before belting out a little rock ditty right inside a grocery store, I’ve thought what a bizarre places to rock a live show. The audience must be thrilled, amazed or possibly annoyed to be encountering live music as they scurry about collecting their food stocks. Speaking of first time things occurring, I reckon there are a lot of first coming up for Brento and musical crew. For the first time I’ve been booked to play a show out of state. It’s probably the first time I’ve been booked to play for 8 consecutive weeks. I’ve joked that we should be the tightest trio ever by the end of this string of shows. The band of...

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Two Spies Becoming a Mainstay on the Local Circuit

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If you can call Albemarles’ 3 or 4 restaurants and bars that have music at all a scene, then we are on it! Gigging all the time is great. The only downside is that I really have to scrape to find sufficient practice time. Terry and I try to add something new for each show. That’s tough when sometimes you have as many as 3 shows in 2 weeks. I’m also working hard to edit and upload videos from each performance to track our rise to domination! LOL! We’re in another stretch where we have 2 gigs in less than two week. This time it’s Harmanco’s on the 15th and Little Tokyo Lounge on Thursday the 17th. Looks like we’ll be adding another JR Cash tune and a new Dylan song or two. It’s a nice problem to have. I guess ole Todd was wrong. People do love ballads and emotional pop songs. Two Spies is on track to complete more gigs in a year than AZ had in it’s 20 plus year history. To boot, we get paid for most of our performances. I like it! my wife Nancee swears it’s the mandolin. According to her, chics love mandolin. I’m thinking it’s probably the broader range of covers and laid back folk Americana stylings of the originals we do. It’s one thing to hold your ground and only play original alt rock if that’s your thing, but likely you’ll spend most of your time playing in a basement somewhere. It’s so much more gratifying to get to share our new songs with audiences. I should have switched to this format 10 years ago, but then I didn’t know Terry and of course he’s a funadmental component of the Two Spies sound. I’m just glad to be hear now and having these experiences playing my music in...

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Making Music & Pre-Production for Music Video

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Well, I’d have to say that this weekend was pretty epic. Friday night kicked it all off with a Two Spies show at the legendary Harmanco’s. This was a bigger show than we’ve done previous and our second time as a group at this establishment. We’ve expanded our covers a bit, brought up two more original and added a bit of a light show. The lights being brand new gear meant setup took a little longer. I want to say that we start loading in around 6:15 and after an 8 – 12 show with only a few short breaks, we finally left at 2 AM. As is tradition, I pulled the media before going to bed, putting me on my pillow at 3 AM. Now the plan for Saturday was to drop Nancee of at work and then spend the day catching up on sleep and editing video while I watched a few items for the VHS Graveyard. That was the plan. What went down was a lot different of course. I would up getting back home just in time to unload the A so Summer could take vehicle to the store to work since she had slept in, as is her custom. I’d no more laid my head down to catch a few winks when Nancee called wanting to know if I’d take her to her favorite spot in Badin for breakfast. I asked if we could wait until noon, you know, thinking I’d catch a few winks. Noon turned into 1 pm at which point I took her out for a $40 breakfast. It was delicious but didn’t really put in my in a mood to edit. Back at the crib, I laid on the couch for maybe 30 minutes watching Game of Thrones. LOVE that show! Then it was such a nice cool sunny day, I went outside and played with my dogs, Pookie and his pup, Chappie. I went all over the lower yard picking up the rubber balls, Pookie so loves to chase and throwing them so he could ultimately loose them again. They both played but the sun had them very much in a mood to lay on the cool porch and sleep, so, I finally went back in and started editing video. During Friday’s show, I moved the GoPro for each set so we got some good looks. The crowd wasn’t very large on this occasion, but the folks who were there were very enthusiastic. It made for good sounding video. I edit these up and post the Youtube videos on the fan page. I go to this trouble as much for us to scrutinize our own performance and improve upon it each time, as much for the fans of the music to see it when they don’t make it out to the shows. Let’s keep it real. Most people who...

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BBFMP, Music Videos, Two Spies & New Art

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I got a message on Facebook that sort of got overlooked for months due to it being from someone not in my friends list. It was a nice little message thanking me for doing Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast. That’s the first such message I’ve received acknowledging the effort put into that little show.  It was really cool to get that. That makes me think that I should do a show on creating no budget music videos. BBFMP was often overshadowed by it’s much more put together big brother show, MVP Mutant Radio, which is now, sadly defunct, at least for the time being. Anyways, great to be acknowledged and shout out to show listener, Krutin Amin, of Hanover Park, Illinois. Thanks for your message, Buddy. I’ll keep on making them if you keep on listening. At the current time, I’m working on a music video for Braden Harwood. Additionally, I have 3 other videos lined up to create as time allows, including one for Two Spies, though, obviously I’ll need help for that one. These things are like short films and as such, they make great anecdotes for BBFMP. It’s all great experience that I look forward to sharing on the show. I need to get a standard menu items for the podcast on this site, but for now you can access all the shows here or on iTunes. I’m up to #26 now so do check them out if you’re interested in film making for no money! Speaking of music videos, the one I’m working on now is for a southern rock tune called, “Getting Out of Here.” We’ve had two shoot days already and probably need one or tow more to complete capture the needed footage. I’m using a volunteer crew and often find myself being the only crew member on the set. The folks who have helped out have done so at some very serendipitous times and been of great value to the production. It’s hard to run a camera, direct and fly a drone all at once. I’m not above trying, but it’s difficult to say the least. I’ve also been working on pre-visuals for another epic multi-figure art piece. Here’s the loose concept not even close to being fleshed out. I’m resisting the urge to name it, “Stairway to Heaven.” You’ll be seeing a more fleshed out version of this work but it may be months as I want to create it at 4000 pixels wide and I’m using dynamic clothing on the figures making the climb. It moves things away from that Poser look I think, but it takes a lot of calculating memory and just time. When I start rebuilding this in the full size, I’ll need to have the look of my Seraphim, both male and female all worked out, so in that sense, this version is just a loose...

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