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18 Wedding Anniversary and Back to School for the Younglings

Nancee and I celebrated our 18th anniversary this past Friday.

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Take That Pre-Production

My weekend got terminated! Isn’t it funny how on in the times in which you don’t have a lot going on, you totally take the down time for granted? Then when you are super busy, you long for a weekend to just totally chill out. We humans are a restless, hard to please lot. That […]

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Take That Pre-Production and Other Stuff

News around these parts is usually posted on Monday’s in the pre-work meditation to get the coming influx of tasks into perspective. This week I break with the tradition and tell you of the hectic weekend ahead. Tonight, I’m taking the opportunity to watch ParaNorman as that is the only time open to do so […]

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Jamming for Jesus and Saying Goodbye to Carter

Friday night, I got a last minute invitation to come play with a church band out in Midland on Sunday, along with Todd. We got out there around 4:00 and practiced for about an hour on 2 songs. Church time rolled around and we played both songs pretty well. The interesting part began then.

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