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Back to The Stage with Blak Saturn

Well my return to live performance with Blak Saturn was certainly an interesting one. It was nice to be back making music with the two members of the band I’d worked with before and also nice to start performing with the two new guys. After growing up a few miles down the road from the […]

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Tales From Mutantville & G.H.O.S.T. Final DVD’s

The projects that dominated much of my film making time over the past several years are finally complete. Check out the video to see what those sweet DVD’s look like.

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The Struggle to Be a Better Musician & Back on the Trail with Blak Saturn.

I take a lot of guff from my buddy, Todd about playing in a cover band. Truth be told playing covers is not my thing. That said it allows me to play in front of a new crowd of people much more often than with my own band, Absolute Zero. While I don’t care as […]

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Relson Gracie North Carolina – My Return

Last night I attended the first evening class of CrossFit after a really cold morning and lack of sufficient sleep kept me in the bed. This was also the first evening of JiuJitsu for my old dojo in the new CrossFit location. The new place has a much larger mat area and the general convenience […]

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