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The Sun Sets on My WF Contract.

After a wonderful 18 months the sun has finally set on my Wells Fargo contract. It was a really interesting experience being back with many of my old co-workers and friends from the Wachovia days, even if only for a short while. I had the privilege of working with some really cool and interesting people […]

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My Love Affair with the Mandolin

In the circles I run in, I’m well known as a competent guitar player, singer and songwriter, with the occasional excursion on bass or keyboards. What most folks don’t know is that I have a real affinity for the mandolin and have long wanted to get myself up to speed on one. I bought one […]

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Fall in Stanly County

For the first weekend in quite a long time, I had the chance to get out more than once and fly my DJI Phantom remote controlled Quad-Copter. What fun. The entire area is cloaked it’s most beautiful fall coat. The plan is to fly and shoot as much next weekend as well. It’s only a […]

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