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Buddy Row Screenings

I just wanted to note that there were two Buddy Row screenings this summer. One at Mad Monster Party 2014 which was a huge success and a follow up screening at the smaller Kiluride Film Festival in North Myrtle beach which I wasn’t able to attend in person. There is a new cut of the film […]

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Welcome To The Working Week Again

It couldn’t have come any sooner. I had a radio show in production, post production on a music video, pre-production on another music video, 2 private web clients with work on my plate, a web series in the process of being edited and a new album in active production the same week I started a […]

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Back To Contracting for Another 18 Month Stint.

I can’t tell you guys how thrilled I am to have been invited back to Wells Fargo for another 18 month contract. Great company with great people. Because of my deep history with Wachovia, Wells Fargo still feels a lot like home to me. In just under 2 weeks it’s back to my daily commutes […]

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