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Every Week Can’t Be a Great Week, But God is Still In Control

Well, I could say it was a great weekend but I’d be fibbing. Still, what’s the use of complaining? I seem to have damaged some vessels in my left, perhaps with my ear buds. I noticed some soreness there this week and on Sunday I woke up with that ear essentially completely closed off. It […]

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Finding Inspiration Everywhere

Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, […]

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Holy Toldeo – The Sweetest Punch

I just made an amazing discover. So check this out…Elvis Costello’s collaboration with Burt Bacharach produced the exquisite, “Painted From Memory”, my personal favorite record on Planet, Earth and unabashedly classicist pop album that recalled Bacharach’s heyday with Hal David. The first Christmas after I married my lovely wife Nancee, her brother David gave me […]

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