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Anthony Bourdain is a Pesimistic Druggy Slacker

Its Tuesday once more and Monday passed us by before I could post an update. I did manage a decent practice with Brandon on Saturday and we got down the demo for a new song called, “Carried By Angels.” As soon as we can get all 3 guys together at some point I’ll make a […]

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Working Out Plans for The Weekend and Expanding my Vocabulary

Lots of commuting this week kind of threw me into a period of slight sleep deprivation. The alarm sounded yesterday morning at 5:00am as it always does, but for some reason I didn’t hear it. I did notice the OS updated overnight.  I supposed there is a chance that it never even sounded. In any […]

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Taking It Back to High School With New Music.

The melody has been around for a while but I just now discovered the bridge I was waiting for. I really hope to get this on the new record.

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Artist Amuse Thyself!

Bill Shakespeare said it more eloquently, “To Thine own self be true.” This weekend wore me completely out. Not because I did a lot but because, apart from driving, I was forced to do so little. There was lots of waiting for this or that in the car, waiting for Nancee to get out of […]

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Always Remember. Never Forget.

As I waited for my wife to get ready this morning, I watched a few minutes of a program called, “Hero Dogs of 911.” I must admit listening to the stories from owners of those amazing rescue dogs that scoured the rubble saving only God knows how many lives and then when the survivors were […]

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An Old Tune Played in Public Only Once

I wrote this one on the way to a songwriters showcase where I was being featured. Weird, this one. It was my second time playing at this bi-monthly event and I thought to myself, Hey, they all have heard my go to tunes. I need to break off something completely different a new. Hence this […]

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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.

The title of the famous U2 song seemed so appropriate. The irony of course being that the folks who founded the church we’ve been attending probably started it up for the very same reason I now, sadly must go. The search for a new home congregation to worship with has begun. What I’m going to […]

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Invicta 8, Throwback Acoustic and Mini Comics

Monday is here once again. This time there’s no new music video. Old Johnny B tried very hard to get the gang together this weekend, but as you might imagine everyone seems to have a lot going on. I’m still developing new material for a folk album and if I can’t assemble the musical avengers […]

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Blinded Eyes – As Performed by The Late Summer Trio

The final song from The Late Summer Trio for the week is a re-imagining of an old song from myself and Neil Mabry. It’s called, “Blinded Eyes.” We’ve given it the Americana Folk Treatment. Check out my custom painted Ibanez Nylon string guitar beautified by Vicky Galloway with some amazing painting. Yes, it’s the famous […]

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Who Likes The Beatles Anyway?

The plan for The Late Summer Trio is to get our proverbial act together enough to play a few shows this fall. On that note we’ve started messing with a few covers you might have heard. Check out this George Harrison classic. It’s always a scary prospect to attempt such sacred music but we’re trying […]

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