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Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast Ep1

Back in 2013 I started a little How To Make Indie Films on a Budget sort of informational show called, “Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast.” Originally, the show was hosted on Libsyn podcasting host but I found their hosting overly expensive for very little return on my efforts and investment. Eventually, I decided to host […]

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The Beginning of the End of Muticia’s Movie Morgue

On Saturday the cast and crew of Muticia’s Movie Morgue arrived at my house early-ish. Streebo had stopped by the previous Thursday to dress the set. With my injured back, I told myself I’d take it easy going up and down the stairs to the upstairs office where we filmed their scene. Of course I […]

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Day 52 Cardio Roles On

Seems like I’ve lost a little belly fat but quite a bit of back fat and the face looks a little bit thinner. Day 52 and the line of daily cardio days is still unbroken despite a strain of my Psoas major last Friday night. What a pain. It put me out of commission for […]

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41 Days Into New Training Program – Working with a New PT

I’m posting today to document that I’ve started working with a personal trainer one per week for 1 hour as of today. So, I’ve been doing 30 minutes of low impact cardio (essentially walking on a treadmill at level 3) for 41 days now. I’ve lost probably something like 10 lbs. There’s no exact number […]

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