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Beach House Weekend April 2015

I’d like to report that our beach trip this summer was the best vacation ever. For Liam and his friend, Max, I’m sure it was a pretty cool time indeed. Unfortunately, I suffered a tooth infection and pretty much had to swallow over the counter pain suppressors the entire time just to bear it.

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BBFMP, Music Videos, Two Spies & New Art

I got a message on Facebook that sort of got overlooked for months due to it being from someone not in my friends list. It was a nice little message thanking me for doing Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast. That’s the first such message I’ve received acknowledging the effort put into that little show.  It […]

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Return to Harmancos 15 Years Later

Back In the 2000’s, I rocked Harmancos with my alt rock outfit, Absolute Zero. I was recently invited to back and perform by the new owners. I let them know that I was now in an Acoutic Duo called, Two Spies and they booked us sight unseen. Last Friday, March 27th, Terry and I gave […]

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