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Enter Manly Hanley

I want to document the sheer serendipity that occurred when a young fella walked into our store about a month or so back and asked me about how one goes about recording with my friend Eddie Snugs at his studio. We talked for a few minutes about music when I realize that apart from being […]

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The First Update In A While

Well, let the record show that it has been sometime since either a MeWe Monday post or a news post of any kind on this website. The only real purpose for this site is really to serve as a journal or photo/ video record for myself or family on down the line. Much like the […]

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Roadrunner – A Sad, Brilliant Tale

“Everyone forgets that Icarus also flew.” At the time of his passing, I remember being angry that Tony’s, “handlers,” were allowing him to continue to indulge his various addictions through the looking glass lens a of a TV camera because someone deemed and indeed the audience would support the idea that it was a good […]

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