41 Days Into New Training Program – Working with a New PT

Getting Back in the Wild

Getting Back in the Wild

I’m posting today to document that I’ve started working with a personal trainer one per week for 1 hour as of today. So, I’ve been doing 30 minutes of low impact cardio (essentially walking on a treadmill at level 3) for 41 days now. I’ve lost probably something like 10 lbs. There’s no exact number because frankly lbs don’t matter to me any longer. It’s about fitting into smaller cloths and having my stomach smaller than my chest. Looking and feeling healthier are really the only thing that matters in this fitness journey.

Getting back with Boyd Fields, the trainer I’d have such great results with years ago just didn’t work out. He was at a gym where if I’m being frank, I don’t think they wanted him bringing in outside clients. He had me come up 2 different times to talk about a program and kind of half plan a diet , but we never did any work. It’s a weird sad waste of 2 Saturdays. Then Boyd left the state so that was about as far as it went.

Now I’m working with an old friend and martial arts buddy from back in the day. Ron Golden. We’re doing a combination of Crossfit type isometrics with some BJJ movements, shrimping and such. It doesn’t take much to sap me right now so a session is spent with warming up on the movements for each exercise to get the proper technique then the high intensity is doing as many as I can in 2 minutes. Trust me, my legs are jello right now.

Eventually the frequency will go up but for now it’s back to acquiring the tools and the knowledge to do the work without burning out. The cardio happens daily no matter what so there was the concern of easing into this without burning out which I’ve done so many times.

After watching some of Jon Calvo‘s videos on YouTube, I started thinking that it might be worth posting a little video blog on the whole process once a week or maybe once every two weeks. Without a number to give on the weight loss might be a little awkward. Still considering that.

I feel like I’m just now starting to put on foot in front of the other. The next step is really nailing down my diet. This is my life and you only get one. People, no matter how evolved they try to be just treat you and look at your differently when you are obese. I’m really tired of that most of all. I have a lot to offer this world but it cannot happen until I look more like the average shape person. It’s the sad truth. I’m ready to do my part to make it happen.

Thus far, I’ve not had a day where I considered not doing my cardio. The feet have ached as well as the lower back from time to time, but at my core I know that I’m tougher than all the things stopping me from getting in shape. I’ve done it before. I WILL do it again.

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