Day 52 Cardio Roles On

Red and Gray Beard Power

Red and Gray Beard Power

Seems like I’ve lost a little belly fat but quite a bit of back fat and the face looks a little bit thinner. Day 52 and the line of daily cardio days is still unbroken despite a strain of my Psoas major last Friday night. What a pain. It put me out of commission for about 24 hours but I still managed to walk the 30 minutes albeit it at a much slower rate. Drinking only water and unsweetened tea for almost 2 weeks now. Ready to up the instance of high impact training as well. Soon as this back injury is good and healed I’ll up the workout days with Ron to at least 2 per week.

The important thing now is that the mind is right. I never even consider skipping the low impact cardio before bed each evening. In a weird sort of way I kind of look forward to that daily mediation and solace. It’s nice to get out of all conversations and away from the pc and just listen to music or watch a program on the phone and just stretch those legs out and can. I think it actually makes me sleep sounder as well.

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