The Beginning of the End of Muticia’s Movie Morgue

Part of The Cast

Part of The Cast

On Saturday the cast and crew of Muticia’s Movie Morgue arrived at my house early-ish. Streebo had stopped by the previous Thursday to dress the set. With my injured back, I told myself I’d take it easy going up and down the stairs to the upstairs office where we filmed their scene. Of course I didn’t take it easy enough on my ligament injury and was in a bit of a relapse on Sunday.

Anyways, I shot a few stills of the actors and crew on set over the 5 hours or so they were there. It was a bit nostalgic being back on an MVP set and this time as something of an outsider. Still it felt just fine. While I’m really glad Geo and Jamie went ahead with a 3rd and final episode, so that MMM could be an actual series wi9th a real finale, I’m happy to cheer them on from the sidelines. I continue to believe I did all the good I could inside that particular film making group and as such am proud of the work we all accomplished.

Ms Cringle?

Ms Cringle?

I’ve read the script and have seen a few of the gags being shot. I think this episode will be hilarious. Look for it to drop on Youtube around Christmas 2015. In the meantime check out Episode #1 & Episode #2 right here.

Muticia has seen quite the transformation. From a ball gown to a torn keyhole dress to Christmasy lingerie. It’s probably for the best that we retire this character before Vanelle winds up in her birthday suit!

I’m sure you’ll still be able to catch Muticia at seasonable horror screenings of the annual Mad Monster Party on certain nights when the air is just right. Who knows. Maybe the cats at MVP will decide to turn out a further two episodes at some point to qualify the Movie Morgue for the Horror Host Graveyard.


Goodbye Movie Morgue, we hardly knew ya!

In any case I look forward to seeing the Christmas episode some day. Heck, I’d love to see a Mutie spinoff!

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