Brent TV Programming Update

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BBTVI’m slowly updating Brento TV in your right side bar to focus on things that are actually on my own Youtube channel. In the past this has included a lot of content created and published on the Mutantville Player channel. Streebo does a fine job promoting all that and and frankly he doesn’t need my help. The content I was most proud of has been ported over to my channel already or soon will be. Eventually, once my films are beyond making a sale on a DVD or being in a film fest somewhere, I’d like to publishing them on my channel and have them come up in a row right here on Brento TV.

The idea is that each revolution of the thumbnails on the side will show you a different kind of content. One will show a lot of my unboxing or collecting videos. Another will show live performance videos from my old bands. I know that most of my 5 readers could care less, but as for me, I think it’s a cool feature kind of like a living photo album. You may disagree but then, it ain’t your website! 🙂

As for new content, to take a line from Todd “Todd Hates Everything” Britt, I don’t need to make no video. I lived it. Right now, I’m busy living it. Someday I’ll get things in hand and make some new content which no one will watch. For now I’m focused on my work and getting back into some kind of shape, mainly so I’ll have the energy to make my own feature film with a new team. That’s all well down the road yet.