Well, you’ve done it now. You’ve gone and stumbled upon my humble web page.
So, who’s this Brent Bowers guy? I’m glad you asked.news┬áBrent Bowers is a former Information technology worker bee and wearer of many hats, including those of professional web master, content manager, visual designer, flash animator from North Carolina.

Just over a decade ago, I established a very successful Nutrition business with my wife which put me into a nice enough spot to be able to choose the work I do a little more discriminately. You can read more about that here. It’s not a bad thing. Though not entirely out the I.T. game, I do tend to pass on contracts in that field unless they are very choice indeed. Not short turn around contracts and certainly no junior level pay grade engagements. After all, I’ve accumlated over 16 years of experience at this point.

On this site you can expect to see anything from my infrequent blogs to samples of my film making work and live music performances to random musings on a wild variety of subjects. This site has been around a long time. There’s all kinds of stuff to read if you dig. The main focus has really been of a personal nature as I write most of these post essentially for myself as a scrapebook of sorts.

Go head. Look around. Clicky, clicky.