Finding Inspiration Everywhere

IMG_1546Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, unknowing, uncaring about the tiny ants that weave in between their toes, running to and fro trying to find meaning in their barely noticeable lives.

I have heard the statistics on how most films fail. They aren’t talking about me, so I pay it no heed. It’s time to create another world, to envision and bring to reality the fictional lives of my heroes and my villains as I create a universe where their every feeling matters. Read more “Finding Inspiration Everywhere”

Buddy Row Screenings

Buddy-Row-2-copyI just wanted to note that there were two Buddy Row screenings this summer. One at Mad Monster Party 2014 which was a huge success and a follow up screening at the smaller Kiluride Film Festival in North Myrtle beach which I wasn’t able to attend in person.

There is a new cut of the film at present which I hope to screen somewhere this year and I can get the cast motivated there will be an all new sound mix. Well, in point of fact there is already an all new sound mix, I’m just hoping to re-record all the actors voices so I can make cleaner ambient tracks. It is what it is when you shoot next to a highway in a trailer park.

You’ll know more when I know more.

The Buddy Row World Premier

IMG_4293Wow, Boys and Girls, Mad Monster Party is on us once again and as per my usual routine, I’m buried in promotional items to finish off for the Film Fest myself and the rest of Mutantville Productions puts on there annually.

In particular, today I’m struggling to get the final build of the Buddy Row DVD ready. There are minor tweaks still being made to the audio mix and sound design by my new buddy and musical collaborator, Scott Russel. I hope to have the final render in hand or even better on a DVD sometime today. Read more “The Buddy Row World Premier”