By The Dawn’s Early Light – A Look Back at an Un-Recorded Absolute Zero Classic

Folks can say what they will about Charlotte area bands, but Absolute Zero lasted longer and rocked harder than most. The thing I’m most proud of about those days and the output of the band is that no two AZ songs sounded even remotely alike and above all we always remained ambitious! For a three piece we brought a lot of rock for the buck! With apologies to Francis Scott Key, this was supposed to be my heavy metal, “Star Spangled Banner.” It’s a lot more complex than this performance and like most of my compositions really needs two guitars at a minimum to play the harmonies as intended. Also this was at the end of a 3 hour set and our voice where not on point. Still, I think it’s about the only live version I have and this song has yet to get a proper recording so…’s important for the ages that I share it with all of you. Please leave us comments.

Absolute Zero is on Hiatus


Creativity is a funny thing. When you feel like yours is being held back, it’s time to move on. I’m not here to throw anyone under the bus here, but one of my band mates was being rather demanding, insisting that I play a particular cover that I frankly just did not like or have any desire to play. I offered an alternate plan for AZ, the original rock band. My plan was for us to go on infinite hiatus until such time as he feels interested in playing our originals again. It’s not as if I have any shortage of hobbies or creative things to do. Read more “Absolute Zero is on Hiatus”

AZ Gone Acoustic

Well, this weekend was fairly eventful. Absolute Zero had it’s first Acoustic show in over a decade. I’ve always though that there was something special about our material when played acoustic and I still feel like it’s a format we need to pursue more. It makes our music more accessible to the older crowd for certain.

We played a little place called, “Tommy’s Pub” on Central Ave in Charlotte. It’s a biker bar to be certain and quite small and old. The performance room is tiny, but it suited the acoustic format just fine. A few friends made it out to support us and for the record, we actually got paid which is a real novelty.

At present our next is slated to be a fully electric affair at Keg and Cue on New Years Eve. Don’t miss it as we plan to blow the doors off that place with some alternative southern rock goodness.

Absolute Zero Rekindles & Gels with New Lineup!

I had an extremely productive but jammed day at work yesterday, even needing to log in once I got home for a late meeting. The joys of working with a cross country team I guess. I’m happy to be working here. They have been extremely flexible with the schedule and I’ve recently gained the ability to work from home some, so that’s great. I still have 13.5 months left on this contract and I hope it’s all this great Read more “Absolute Zero Rekindles & Gels with New Lineup!”