Another Saturday Vocal Session

After a pair of Reflexology sessions, 1 Friday night night and 2 Saturday morning, I hopped in the new Ford Edge and headed to Faith for a short but backing vocal session at Snug /Records studio. Anytime I can get a moment in the studio it is a pleasure. This time especially so as we are getting down to some of the finer choices on backing vocals.

Tuesday Night Concert Series

So this is an idea that I’ve entertained for a long time as a method to assemble and band that actually knows how to play my songs. As a singer/song writer I’ve found it difficult in the past to keep a group of musicians engaged. Nobody is getting rich on original music around these parts. Onthe contrary it basically costs you to have any sort of band or any duo or trio assembled. The gigs just aren’t there and essentially all opportuities revoled around playing covers. All save for one very special venue. I’m talking about Little Tokyo Lounge.

First Brush on Late Summer

Putting In All Together

I’ve found the players, so now what do I do? Well, it takes time, that’s the first thing. Everyone I know that plays music has to work an actual job to make a living and just doesn’t have tons of good ole fashion time to do the work. I needed to find a way to make it fun enough for folks to hang in there for 8 – 12 months really, really be able to nail these songs live. Talent is everywhere but talent + commitment to a project is tough to come by.

So after reaching out to the owner of Little Tokyo Lounge to ask aboutt he idea of playing on a night they don’t usually have bands and approaching things like a series of concert […I don’t even know what to called Little Tokyo, Restuarant and venue sure, but I just thing it’s so doggone neat and one of a kind all that seems short shrift to say]. The idea being that if we perform there monthly that in a short time the tightness and execution will improve vastly. Each memeber baiscally has to be professional enough to do the real work for practice on there own.

Today we got together to see if we could get through the tunes. We did. Although more refinement is required by all of us, the basics are there and we’ll be live in action on the 29th of this month. We’ll have myself on guitar and vocals, Chris on the drums, Daniel on the bass, Paul on keys and Tony on percussion, harmonica and flute. I’m still seeking an acoustic player and 2nd backing vocalist but this is where we’ll start. Come see us!

Back to Training

My Treadmill
My Treadmill

I use the term in the lightest way possible. I have began to be physically active recently as I’ve just gotten too fat over the last few months. I got the Life Fitness treadmill delivered just over a week ago and after waiting for 3 months to get that whole deal together, it was about time. I did get a fantastic deal on it I think, especially considering that it was delivered and installed for about 6 grand less than I could have purchased a new one sans shipping and installation. Including today, for the past 8 days the first thing I do upon waking is walk for 30 minutes on that bad boy. Yeah, I know, 30 isn’t that long but I’m intentionally trying to wade into this slowly so as to not get burned out. I sincerely plan to hit 365 days of consecutive cardio and proper diet. Read more “Back to Training”

Late Summer Live Performance

Convict Ship
Late Summer

After a ridiculously long work week, Saturday actually brought with it an amazing practice with the new group. After only 2 practices, already I can see such great potential for a stripped down, non-electric format. We haven’t settled on a name or a complete lineup yet, but for now I’m referring to us as, “Late Summer.” Also, even though there is a banjo, I don’t really consider us blue grass, though at some point we may play a little. I think this music is firmly Americana.

We will be doing a few choice covers from some yours and our favorite American songwriters. Case in point, here’s our first shot at a Bob Dylan tune called, “You Ain’t Going Nowhere.” Read more “Late Summer Live Performance”

The Dog Days of Summer Are Here

In Bloom
In Bloom

Summer in Carolina is HOT to say the very least. Thankfully, we’ve had some rainy weather that past week or so which has brought the temp down quite a bit. At work they’ve moved us into this joint team area they call “The Bull Pen.” It’s basically an entire window row opened up with one long table of two sides stuck in the middle. Upsides are: We all have a nice window view of the plaza in front of the Atrium on S. Tryon street, There’s a much better social vibe being able to talk directly to team mates instead of IM-ing someone a few rows over. Downsides are: hearing someone talk on their phone line then hearing them on the phone line of the joint meeting super delayed, some of us, myself included talk kind of loudly when we are on phone meetings and this can really hurt concentration when you’re into something complicated, and it gets hot being on the sunny side in the mornings. They notoriously keep this building too hot. Fortunately, this team has a liberal work at home policy and I try to maximize that by taking advantage on the days I have the more complicated work or a heap of it. Speaking of which, we are all so busy these days. Read more “The Dog Days of Summer Are Here”

Welcome To The Working Week Again


It couldn’t have come any sooner. I had a radio show in production, post production on a music video, pre-production on another music video, 2 private web clients with work on my plate, a web series in the process of being edited and a new album in active production the same week I started a new 18 month contract with Wells Fargo, but being out of a 40 hour a week job drives me “Nutso.”

Though the daily commute takes a little getting used to in order to get my departure time in the mornings just right to avoid that really bad Charlotte traffic, it just feels right being back at a normal day job. The work I have laid out in the coming months really seems daunting but I am really, really looking forward to it. Read more “Welcome To The Working Week Again”

The Making of Late Summer

The Late Summer Trio
The Late Summer Trio

Recording with Gabriel Nicholson at his 1950’s residence has been such a unique experience already, that I’ve decided to make a complete documentary of the process from the making and polishing of the work tapes through to the final mixed and master album. Lastly, if all goes as planned, we’ll make an actual music video.

Along the way as Gabriel, Paul and I prepare to play some shows in support of the album, I’ll make these little live video performances, like the one below, from neat looking spots around this amazing house. Read more “The Making of Late Summer”