Week #1 – New Contract

I walk past this new giant every week day on my way in.

Well folks, I’m officially over the moon to be back working at the financial institution that acquired the one that I was employed at for so many years. I’m sorry to speak in code, but most of you will know the company of which I speak. I don’t plan to say anything particularly negative, but I don’t feel familiar enough to name names. Just seems more prudent at this time to refrain from doing so.

This time, I’m there as a contractor and that is a little different though not altogether unfavorable. Read more “Week #1 – New Contract”

New Contract and Commute

In a blink, another month has gone by between posts. No sooner than I mention my focus shifting from finding another new role in the corporate world to free lance design work, than I’m offered a great new content development role with a company I still consider family, Wells Fargo. As of today, I’m back to commuting to downtown Charlotte and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Read more “New Contract and Commute”