Take That – A New Short Film Announced

My Short Film Project for 2012

I’ve sat on the news of this new project for some time now, waiting until the time felt right to share it with you all.

I have taken a small step back from Mutantville Productions to place a little more focus on what I want to accomplish for myself as a film maker. I’m not mad at my partners or anything like that and there is no falling out to speak of as far as I’m concerned. I’ll still assist those guys from time to time and some of them will assist me in my projects. I just couldn’t get Mutantville, as a whole, on board to produce anything I wrote. It was only logical to finally take this step out on my own for a short film project.

I have an 11 page script for a Vampire comedy I’d like to turn into a reality. Geo and Todd have agreed to help me in this endeavor and I’ll even be featuring a cast compromised primarily of Mutantville Players. Robert Filion will lens the film and I’ll direct and wear whatever other hat is necessary as we’ll be running skeleton crew. In fact, several of the actors will also have a production role. That small, tight knit, intimate group is one of the things I’m surely aiming for with this project.

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Color This Weekend Awesome

This morning it’s a earlier practice time for Blak Saturn to facilitate my getting out to the recording studio in Rockwell in time for another day of comping and getting ever so close to cesation of recording on Pop Package (the working title of my new album.)

Getting to jam out with the fellas of Blak Saturn and work in the recording studio all in the same day is amost too much fun if there is such a thing!

Of Hauntings Past

In anticipation of next months plans for shooting a new short horror film, “G.H.O.S.T.”, I’ve taken a little trip down memory lane, back to a time of friends pulling together to create something larger than themselves. A work of art that will stand the test of time and live a life all it’s own is something that, despite the sacrifices required is clearly worth doing. At least to this artist.

I stopped by TonyRogers.biz and browsed through his collection of snaps from the making of “C For Chaos”. When I see myself, Streebo, Geo and the rest of the MVP’rs staring back at me in not so clear 2 mega pixel clarity, I don’t remember any of the hardships, only that it was one hell of a lot of fun.

During the 4 years of shooting, “C for Chaos” we had so much fun. We ran haunts at 2 Shriners Haunted Trail Benefits shows (Some of the most fun I have personally ever had), kicked off the Mutantville Players YouTube Channel with celebrity interviews, developed no less than 3 versions of Mutantville.com, laid the foundation for the Mutantville Guerilla Film Makers Cookbook you’ll be hearing about soon, built the Mutantville theater aka Perfection Cinema, entertained about a million Youtube viewers and won several short film contests and forgotten more about indie film production than many will ever learn. It has truly been a blast.

For those of you lucky enough to be part of the cast and the crew of G.H.O.S.T., I hope you will all fully embrace and appreciate living in the artist moment. Being a part of it all. Accomplishing the creation of a film, short or otherwise is such a rare and wonderful thing. It’s something most people never even come to. So years from now after all the awards, contest wins and accolades are in the past you and look at the Mutantville archives on the DVD extras and see yourself, smiling back at you, happy to be a part of the golden time making true art. Can you EAR what I am saying here people?

Rendering Horrors

Streebo asked me to share a little bit about my Poser work. For me it is often a first step to explore a script idea or in some cases a really awesome tool for storyboard work or developing the look of a character, so in some way it is related to film making.

In the case of Mutantville Productions it was Live Action/Poser animation project, “The Zombie Hunter” that brought the players together in the first place so it’s fitting the the application have a place in the great halls of the Mutantville mother ship.

I began using Poser around 8 years ago at version 5. At the time I remember thinking it was just the coolest thing for a person such as myself who really lacks great hand drawing skills. I began participating in the larger Poser communities such as Renderosity, PoserPros.com (now defunct) and DAZ3d.com, first as a customer, then an artist, a vendor and eventually a site owner. At the peak of my involvement in running a Poser site, PoserCity.com we averaged something like 6500 hits per day. But that kind of bandwidth gets too expensive so eventually the site was closed. From there my passion for Poser moved to the creation of original monsters. Of course being one of the primary Mutantville Madmen, I’d want to make monsters first.

I established DevilDogStudios.com along with my partner Chris Haigood about 14 months back. I’m proud to say that in the short time we’ve been in business we have already produced the most popular Werewolf figure in the Poser community at large. In addition to this best seller, we also developed an original Creature From The Black Lagoon type monster called, “Creech” which was a part of the included content for the brand new Poser 8 software. Both my name and that of our company are acknowledge for our contributions to Poser right on the splash screen as soon as the program loads. I confess, that is a real hoot for me. It makes me feel like the countless hours I’ve poured in the 200 or so artworks I’ve created with the ap weren’t all for naught. And while this side company doesn’t exactly line my pockets with the green stuff, it does satiate my passion for creating monsters.

DDS is currently is currently running our “Nightmare” contest which will result in a hard bound coffee table book filled with all kinds of monster and mayhem. While not directly related to Mutantville apart from my involvement, it’s a safe bet to say that several C For Chaos inspire works may find themselves on the pages within.

Poser plays a big role when it comes to keeping me creative. I’ll share a little of my Poser art with you here in the coming months.

Johnny Brento

Classic Horror Returns

A Recent Render Work

I’ve recently become aware of just how cheap some really rare horror flicks have become when sold within lots on ebay. Pennies on the dollar, People! We’re talking slasher, occult, gore, werewolf, vampire and zombie cinema that until now has not cross the radar of most people. Most of it seems to come from the late 70’s and early 80’s it seems and is typically only available on VHS. So you may want to rethink throwing out that old 4 head $39.95 from Wally world. It might just come in handy.

Being one to appreciate all old horror movies, particularly the ones I missed the first time around, I’ve decided to take a journey of sight and sound back to the VHS graveyard to unearth some hidden treasures or in some cases rotting corpses of cinematic ambitions never realized. I’ll be carrying along my camera. You will bare witness. Stay tuned to the Mutantville Youtube Channel.

Johnny Brento