My Theater is Back in Action

The Drow Elf
The Drow Elf

I guess I owe you guys and update as I sincerely intended to post one on Monday. Work got busy and I logged another 10 hour day, then the personal blog post slipped by me. Basically, I was just going to give an overview of the weekend.

The really big, at least big to me news is that I got “Perfection Cinema” back in operating order. It took buying a $50 remote to just get the projector turned on, but then everything else worked just fine. I wasn’t even required to update the DVR. As an added bonus, that drive, which is segregated from the rest of the house which use the new Direct TV Genie to share recorded programming, held the entire season of MythBusters and 15 episodes of Boardwalk Empire which I’ve been meaning to start watching.

After watching the UFC Macao Fight Pass show at the office on Sat morning, in the evening I caught the Fight Night on Fox prelims and main event in the theater with BIGGS, a.k.a. John Teal.
Sunday I spent pretty much the whole day down there watching MythBusters and Season 1 of Penn & Teller’s, “Fool Us.” It’s always easy for me to laugh at Atheists. The most entertaining Atheists I know or either MythBusters or Penn & Teller, yet as being an atheist is by definition impossible, it’s easy for me to not get offended at these buffoons. I like watching a dog do doggie tricks too, but I won’t be asking them for spiritual advice. By the way, interesting take on Penn & Teller here.

Anyways, Sunday was the first time I’ve had any alone, me time in a while and that was nice. Monday was just another day of the grind, which I embrace.
Still waiting on my refurbished treadmill. This weekend, hopefully it will be delivered.

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Site Changes This Way Come


I’m in the position of having to make some changes to how my domain is setup to facilitate having a url for my album, “Faster” which is already printed on all the CD’s. I didn’t realize that subdomains currently worked differently than what I imagined when I created that CD art with my current host. So, as an aside I’ve began contemplating hitting the re-set button on this whole website. The site has been around as a wordpress install since 2009.

Five years is a long time and it seems like all my stories were full of content from a passed phase of my life. Mutantville and my early film making experiences, my old band Absolute Zero and such content that is really not relevant to my life experience at present. That’s not to say I’m trying to erase any of it, it’s just that almost any of my videos and stories from that era mention or Absolute Zero. Read more “Site Changes This Way Come”

Late Summer Live Performance

Convict Ship
Late Summer

After a ridiculously long work week, Saturday actually brought with it an amazing practice with the new group. After only 2 practices, already I can see such great potential for a stripped down, non-electric format. We haven’t settled on a name or a complete lineup yet, but for now I’m referring to us as, “Late Summer.” Also, even though there is a banjo, I don’t really consider us blue grass, though at some point we may play a little. I think this music is firmly Americana.

We will be doing a few choice covers from some yours and our favorite American songwriters. Case in point, here’s our first shot at a Bob Dylan tune called, “You Ain’t Going Nowhere.” Read more “Late Summer Live Performance”

By The Dawn’s Early Light – A Look Back at an Un-Recorded Absolute Zero Classic

Folks can say what they will about Charlotte area bands, but Absolute Zero lasted longer and rocked harder than most. The thing I’m most proud of about those days and the output of the band is that no two AZ songs sounded even remotely alike and above all we always remained ambitious! For a three piece we brought a lot of rock for the buck! With apologies to Francis Scott Key, this was supposed to be my heavy metal, “Star Spangled Banner.” It’s a lot more complex than this performance and like most of my compositions really needs two guitars at a minimum to play the harmonies as intended. Also this was at the end of a 3 hour set and our voice where not on point. Still, I think it’s about the only live version I have and this song has yet to get a proper recording so…’s important for the ages that I share it with all of you. Please leave us comments.

The Late Summer Trio Re-Imagined

Not actually a photo of the new group as I don't have any yet.
Not actually a photo of the new group as I don’t have any yet.

Last weekend I got together with Grant from our band of only a few weeks, Break By Sun and multi-instrumentalist, Brandon Almond. We’re putting together some very cool arrangements of my music featuring banjo and mandolin. Very cool and unexpected folk sounding. After this Saturday’s practice, I hope to have a video of the new lineup and sound. In the meantime check out Brad and I from an old school acoustic gig at the Prevue in the Noda arts district of Charlotte. 2009, WOW! Has it really been that long.

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Weekend Unplug Required


After a rather long work week full evenings filled with editing a prepping a co-workers submission for Project Green Light, I was more than ready for a relaxing weekend. I always say that I prefer being busy and that is very true indeed, but this week was about the 3 week in  row of almost 50 hours on the clock and even more on project work. At the end of my work day on Friday, I felt overdue for a bit of a break. Actually, Friday night is kind of a blur. I think I did start catching up on some recent movie releases I’d previously missed with a viewing of, The Purge: Anarchy. Read more “Weekend Unplug Required”

Weekend Film Making, Faster Arrives and Other Randomness.

UnHalloweed Halls
UnHalloweed Halls

I arrived at the building this morning around 7:08. The common areas on the way up to our floor were so peaceful in anticipation of the work day throngs. It’s just such a fresh and neat time to transverse the hallways. Always makes me feel good to beat the rush. In the calm before the storm which this week’s workload will surely bring, I wanted to send an update from the Bull pen.

On Saturday, I drove up to The Forum in Salisbury to chat with my old trainer Boyd. I thought I was going for a training session, but as it turned out we just chatted, weighed me (I’ve lost 4lbs) and he wrote out a workout plan I can complete at home with the weights and equipment I had on hand. I don’t know if this was the actual plan or he just hasn’t cleared having a side client actually work out there. It’s really not practical to make a 2 hour round trip drive for a 1 hour workout anyways so I’m fine with the approach of planning it for a home workout anyways. The new treadmill I have put money down on having refurbished by the guys over at Carolina Fitness is really the keystone of my whole fitness plan. I cannot wait to have that beast in my home. Read more “Weekend Film Making, Faster Arrives and Other Randomness.”