Seven Days of Wonder Works

The Hair Monster Grows in Strength
The Hair Monster Grows in Strength

What a crazy week. The last 7 days have been a flurry of artistic activity.At a high level I took part in a podcast, performed two public show, front the first act of the Buddy Row follow up, returned to Jiu-Jitsu class, and oh and I made an amazing music video, first shot to completely edited in 48 hours. Read on if you want the skinny on all the awesome that went down this week.

Tuesday night was another short notice performance at Little Tokyo Lounge. I love playing at that place for so many reasons but this time my new friends Bonnie & Chuck as well as a few friends they brought just really made the whole thing special by really getting into the music. I even got to bust out my version of an Elvis Costello tune, loose as it was. I even sold a cd and got a few tips. Even though I accidentally left my acoustic there sitting in an open case for 2 days it all worked out in the end.

Friday night I played at Harmancos with my part time band, Break By Sun. I’m not going to sit here and lie. Going in, I felt like we did not have enough practice, but Braden and Daniel are such pros it just came off without a hitch. Once again, Bonnie & Chuck, some family and friends and even the Frokciest of Jacksters Eric Cook and his wife were in attendance. Several of our regular crowd at Harmancos were there and they were into what we were laying down. Because of such a large crowd actually paying attention, clapping and tipping, we played 90 minute sets instead of the normal 45 minute sets and even played an extra 15 minutes. So the Legendary Harmancos got a bargain that night.

Saturday morning I was booked to start work on Belton Hortons music video for his song, “Sunshining.” He assured me he would be there at 9:30, I thought for sure he wouldn’t arrive until later because of traveling from Hickory. I was wrong as he was Buddy Row on the spot. If ya’ll didn’t make the connect, he played my Trailer Park slasher Buddy Row.

Our very first location was the bar at Harmancos and we got in there about an hour later than I wished we had but we just got finished by the time the drinkers started rollin in and bellying up to the bar. The staff was very accommodating as always. Read more “Seven Days of Wonder Works”