Time Traveling with Google Maps.

The Date Listed is After Dad's Death. Apparently the images weren't aggragated until a weeks after he passed.
The image is from April 2014

This morning I was exploring our beautiful planet via the miracle that is Google Maps. I jaunted off to the mid-western US then onto Ontario and Greenland before popping back home for a look at the familiar. It was then that I thought to myself, “Gee, wouldn’t it be cool if you could roll this view back in time to the first images the Google car ever took of any street to see how things have changed.”

I took a harder look at the upper left hand interface and realized that lo and behold that functionality has already been added. I enthusiastically dialed the view in Downtown Albemarle all the way back to 2008. “Much has changed,” I thought to myself. The next very next thought that ran through my mind was wondering if Dad was somewhere in Albemarle on the day this car passed through way back in 2008, before the fateful day of the accident that so altered all of our paths, back to a time when Dad was, well, still Dad. I wanted a glimpse of him in one of the good ole days.

I transported my view to 40647 Stony Gap Road, the address of Dad’s house and business. I was thinking to myself how this was kind of like the film, Minority Report, only in reverse. The oldest view of the Welding shop available was in 2009. The images resed in to show that at that moment the shop was closed and Dad was apparently out with the crane as it wasn’t in it’s normal parking spot. Bummer.

I noticed that the other available was April 2014. I transported my view to see what it showed. There in full color was Dad, in two shots operating his Bobcat with trusty canine companion, Willie close at hand. He was hauling his wood splitter to the large pile behind the shop to bust up some more wood, something he apparently enjoyed doing.

In the hospital, near the end he told me to help myself to the rest of the wood, since they’d stopped burning wood as a heat source. That would will heat us for 2 or 3 winters to come. I’ll be thinking of Dad with every piece I burn.

August Update


I fell on Dog Days. I don’t know if Sirius has anything to do with this heat but Dog Star have mercy it’s been a tad sultry here lately. I’ve lessened my walking sessions and have turned to my art a bit more. On that note, I’ve produced a few more “award winning” images lately, such as this one and this one.

The biggest thing that’s happened to me personally is that we’ve adopted a little rescue Poodle who needed a new home because her previous Caregiver had to retire to the rest home. We picked her up at Wag N Tails animal groomers. For two days she was so mousy and barely ate or drank anything. She definitely bonded with me which is no surprise since I am the Alpha and the biggest and apparently the warmest. So her wanting to be on me all the time is straight out of Dog Behavior 101.

After 2 days when Beauty fully realized shed found a new home, just the cutest little personality came out. Now I should mention that she’s 7 years old very well house trained. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had that doesn’t mind a bath.

She really is lovely and very affectionate. She gets along fine with our cat, Marvin. She’s a little finicky about food but I’ll take that. Anyway she is with me most of the time these days and she is really the best little pet we have ever had. So easy to love and she constantly gives that love back to us.

Of course I am still missing my dad who passed on just 4 months ago but I’d say the new dog has made active grieving less. It feels like God gave me a little something to worry about just enough to take my mind off of other worries. I’m making a conscious effort not to worry about Dad too much anymore. I know he’s good where he is. Best of all he doesn’t have to bear witness to this election season whereby one doofus or another is elected president. No, I’m not going to convey my political leanings. If you know me you can probably guess them anyways, but I’m not happy with either choice just to be brutally honest.

Ah, another thing I’d like to be brutally honest about, but I guess I won’t because a post like that could so be taken the wrong way. I love attending GFC and the people there have been so kind to us. That’s not changing if I have anything to say about it. However, I am going to be stepping back from the praise band at least for the time being. The less said about that the better except that I’ve prayed about it and am going with what I feel God has laid on my heart. He made these ears and all the other parts of me involved in making music and he made my dedication to have the sound I’m a part of up to a certain level. Sometimes if a system is broken, it needs a reboot. I have a very real tendency to get tunnel vision when I think I see how to progress a band. I plan to praise God in music on my own, perhaps via Youtube videos, perhaps the odd live song at one of my shows.

While I don’t want to harp on this, I did put a lot of pressure on myself and also those playing with me to improve. At times this did move us forward but we wound up right back to that place where I felt like I was hanging on. Another Sunday, just hang on and get the music accomplished. That’s no way to have your church time feel, at least in my mind and I really regretted feeling that way.

Anyways, fear not. God has always put me right where he wants me musically speaking and otherwise.

In other, happier news, I finally got my Werewolf character for Genesis released. Please go check that out and buy many copies. 🙂