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Dad, You’re A Legend

My Actual and Virtual Hero. Love Ya, Dad!

My Actual and Virtual Hero. Love Ya, Dad!

It was inevitable. The first Father’s Day without my dad was always going to come. In a sense I had 46 & 1/4th years to prepare for it even though it was the furthermost thing from my mind. Toughest critic. Best Buddy & Number 1 Fan. These are roles you don’t really give a lot of thought until the position is no longer filled.

It’s Dad’s first real Father’s Day with our Heavenly Father. That will be my focus today instead of the loss that’s still so very real and immediate. Dad ended his time here very, very proud of my brother and I. Likewise, I am very proud of who he was.

I hope all you fathers out there have a good and one and take time to hug your old man while he’s still around.

God Bless you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day! I’ll be playing some songs in church this morning about the Good Father and master of the universe. Later, to borrow some words from the legendary Eric Clapton, I’ll be looking at the moon, but I’ll be seeing you. Johnny Brento loves ya!