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Reservoir Park in Southern Pines

Today I traveled with my mother to Southern Pines for a consult for an upcoming cataract surgery she will be having down there next month. As her visit was projected to last 2 to 3 hours, I took the opportunity to go walked the 2 mile trek around a nearby park, Reservoir Park.

The entire place was just beautiful and I was amazed to see tons of squirrels and birds frolicking as if it were spring. It was probably around 62 degrees and very comfortable for walking in a T-shirt. I strolled leisurely and stopped to take a few HDRI photos with my 360 camera, avoid the occasional passers by.

Sunday Funday

Sunday. Fun day!

Albemarle Nutrition 2.0 – A Place of Our Own

What can I say? Nancee and I along with my brother-n-law David, have been in business coming up on 15 yes as Albemarle Nutrition and honestly, it has been a blast.

These years have seen a house and our very own, a commercial building bought, 2 kids raised to adulthood and both of us become licensed massage therapists (more…)

Life Goes On

Today we have evil socialists trying to steal the American election. There’s mass and very obvious voter fraud and I’ve got my doubts that the Judicial system can sort this mess out. It is quite depressing that we could have a real puppet who’s obviously incomplete in the White House. (more…)