Beach Blog Saturday February 11, 2023

Leaving late in the day to take on the rough 3 hour drive to North Myrtle is never the way I’d prefer to make the trip, but as our stores doesn’t close until 3pm on Saturday, that’s how it all went down.

A bit of a family tradition has become the stopping at Captain D’s in Wadesborough, on the way. Usually, we kill 30 to 40 minutes in this stop but this time we decided to hit the drive through and within 15 minutes we were back on the road.

The whole focus of this, essentially 2 night and 1 day trip was to take Delilah to surprise her mom at the beach, as she was already at the North Shore Tower 1 condo our friends are kind enough to let us use. The plan was to show up unannounced for a big surprise. 

This time, we’d be staying with the granddaughter a few places down at Grand Camen. But before that knowledge was out, we knew it’s be a really mood killer for Summer and boyfriend, Patrick to think we’d be staying with them. 

The trip was uneventful, though it did rain for about half the drive. Delilah, who didn’t have a nap at all Saturday, got a little rambunctious for the last hour so. 

It takes about 3 hours of driving for me to get fatigued, but as compared to our recent trip to Bill Herman’s place in Ravenna, Ohio, it was a brief joyride. 

I was able to multitask a bit by listen to our latest bounces from the current album I’m creating with Harrison Foreman. 

In addition to that there was rounds and rounds of Jingle Bell rock, Delilah’s favorite song of the moment.

When we arrive at the Condo, after a brief stop at DG where Nancee forgot most of the things she went in for, Summer and Patrick were actually heading into the building as we pulled up. But for Nancee’s whoop of excitement, I think they’d not have noticed us. The look of pure anxiety on Summers face was hilarious. 

After a bathroom break for Delilah we got checked in a visited a restaurant next door, which was fine except that I think Delilah was the only one who was actually hungry. The place had a cool license plate theme with mounted sharks and a bear skin and the food was passable. The service was friendly which was a bonus as it very rainy and windy outside.

Summer and Patrick came over and headed to the giant indoor pool and lazy river at Grand Carmen’s. It was like a jungle in there so Nancee and I headed back to the room for a 1 hot break.

Delilah was absolutely buzzing when she got beck to the room. It took a bit to calm her down but when we did she was fast asleep. This ended evening 1.

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Gaslit Again

I fell you what, I have this one acquaintance in my musical world who really is, just by his nature a gas light specialist. I’ve known him since high school and I accept who and what he is. I try to maintain a friendship with him which at times is not easy. I accept him. I know what he is so in that way he’s like the snake that I can see clearly and avoid entanglement with. 

The problem with a gas lighter is that they derive some sort of perverse pleasure in firing you up with False compliments designed to gain your confidence so they can pull the rug out from under you right when it suits them to charge their own ego.  Needles to say this is super frustrating.

As I move into my 50’s I have promised myself I won’t accept this sort of behavior and I have even cut a few folks out of my life who were long time acquaintances. I say acquaintances because they were only masquerading as friends. 

Yet in my sincere desire to be an open book and a friend to all I found myself following another path that turned out to be a rabbit trail. Only this time the wasted time turned out to only be a matter of weeks before I recognized the old patterns. While it’s upsetting to waste any time on a person who doesn’t really deserve or appreciate it, I’m just being the open book I’ve always been and trying to be the glad handed collaborator always willing to spread the joy of creating good music. 

Metaphorically speaking, I’m done wasting my water and casting pearls before swine. That’s just wasting my pearls. 

I am so grateful to have one true blue musical friend in my life right now. He knows who he is and I thank God for him on the regular. 

The rest is all about making the moves that matter. Getting beck active in church and Delilah, Delilah, Delilah.

A Spring 2019 Update

Better Living Through Digital

Well, it’s been a crazy year. School, a new contract, School, New CG Projects, School, Horror Con, School, finishing the album, School, 2 new live music projects, 150 clinical hours to burn off before September and you guessed it, SCHOOL.

I wish had more insightful words to offer but things are crazy as I draw ever nearer to the crossroads called, “Fifty.”

I am definitely on the cusp of being able to step away from IT contracting forever when I add the L.M.T. To the end of my name. Then much more so than now my work life will revolve around the store and all that goes on there. I’ve been a fly on the wall for 12 years and look forward to becoming more involved here.

The Last Tuesday Concert Series Launches

The Last night, along with 4 of my musical friends, I stepped on stage to kick off the 12 show series for 2019, dubbed the “Last Tuesday,” concert series. Having anyone with me always increases the energy level but having a 5 peice band, even in our formative stage as it were, was really a lot of fun.

Singing the blues

While we are far from what we can and will be at the end of this series, I thought our first show was quite nice with a few high points. One of which was our rendition of the deeply personal, “Late Summer.” We played that with some pinace and I enjoyed hearing the playback.

With The Band

I wanted to espresssly call out my musical amigos.

  • Paul Tharp – Keys & Backing Vocals
  • Daniel Medley – Bass
  • Chris Gutierrez II – Drums
  • Tony Torres – Harmonica, Flute & Percussion

The Work/ School Grind

With the current configuration of work and school my Wednesday’s are really tough but my Thursday’s are absolutely brutal. Check this out. I typically get home from school Wednesday night around 11:45 PM from a day where I needed to leave the house around 8 am. 

The Drive
The Drive

Thursday mornings I shower around 6 am and get out the door as quickly as possible. Then I am at work by around 7:30 am to avoid the big traffic. I leave work around 4-ish to head to school in Maiden 50 minutes away. School official runs from 6 pm until 10 pm. After the hour and a half drive home, I’m getting in no earlier than 11:30 pm. By the time I will have spent around 4 hours in the car and have drive just shy of 190 miles.

I want to remember this in the same way I remember basic training in the US Army. My classmates and I are going g through some real gut check shit together. We are all enduring our trial by fire to improve ourselves.

Class Lecture

I am of our course proud of my wife, but I’m also proud of the other strong, intelligent women in my class. They’ve all sacrificed to improve themselves.

Back In The Game

So, despite the fact that I’ve got 8 months to go on Massage Therapy school and somewhat out of the blue, I was offered and accepted a new contract role with Wells Fargo.

I’ve been away from the organization, this time for almost 3 years. Things have really changed here. Very few familiar faces to be seen, largely due to the advent of something called, “Flex Space,” Many folks now shuffles between various Flex Space cubes in two separate.

I did find one common sight from back in the day. These two gents eating lunch in the 3rd floor break room.

Ravi & Jeff

Bill Bailey a peer from way back in my design days ran into me this morning and went so far as to hug me. We are both Veterans from FUNB and Wachovia. Those were heady times that always warm my heart. 

There is so much construction going on downtown it’s hard to believe. In the light of a clear morning I can see that’s what’s causing all the difficulty with the traffic on Independence Blvd. 

Construction Boom

For the next week I’ll be dealing with that daily but expect to largely avoid it with flex time allowing me to drive in post rush hour and home pre-rush hour.

The new position is legitimately interesting to me. To seriously over simplify it, the role is User Acceptance Testing for New sure functionality. My many years experience with authoring in SDL Tridion sort of feeds into this position as I’ll be working with those authors in this job.

For now it’s pretty dry until I get my laptop. Looking at lots of walk through and taking notes on my phone.

What The Cup Says

I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth but the free green tea here is a far cry from the Happiness Green Tea at Albemarle Nutrition.

I’m happy to be back in the game.

A Perfect Dream

Last night I had the most amazing dream that perfectly encapsulated my time working in IT and really a large portion of my life. Before I get into it I need to quantify it somewhat with the following: I almost never dream or really even think of my times past working for First Union – Wachovia – Wells Fargo. Forgive the hyphenation. To me it’s largely the same community and occupies the same address in my memory.

Most nights in my dream state I’m either writing songs with Elvis Costello, making epic Spielberg – esque film works or communing with my father who passed on years ago. I don’t use term, “dead” because to me, in my inner most reality, he’s more alive and more a part of my psyche than ever. Strange I know, but I digress.

In this dream I was putting the final touches on a shelf and a half of books I was planning to leave behind in an upper mezzanine of other shelf’s of books at the bank. It was Wells Fargo, but it really looked more like eChannels floors converted to a sort of library.

Now on these shelves of mine were all manner of books in various stages of use. Some were Japanese manga series still in plastic. There was the very same Japanese language book for children to learn to read katakana which a tutor once got for me in Japan. Keiko I think it was. There were also books written in Spanish and English.

There were also tapes and cd’s on the smaller shelf. One CD which I picked up and examined was a home produced album from my friends band, Borghal Rantipole. It lacked the front slip cover and someone had drawn 4 dudes faces staring up from the cd in black sharpie.

Nearby on a table there was a table where someone had made a pleasant country scene with a farm, barns, horses, chickens and Sasquatch peering over a brown stained rail fence.

In a moment it occurred to me that these shelves were memories I was consigning to the past as I move into a new chapter.

Now, fully two years removed from the Information Technology field and back at night school training for what’s next (more on that another time) I really just never think of IT, at least consciously. On the whole I’m slightly ambivalent about it I supposed. At times my work there was both esteemed and at other times woefully taken for granted, but I suspect that’s most peoples experience at most jobs. I walked away with no hard feelings and mostly just thankful for gainful employment for so many years.

I do, however still really miss the people. It was an eclectic community of diverse individuals whom I respected and valued as a formative part of my life.

Some, I follow from time to time on social media, but most reside strictly in memory. This dream, this perfect dream created such poignant snapshot for the old photo album of memory I just wanted to share it along with my thanks. I hope you are all doing wonderful!

Live Shows End As New Business Launches

Because working to make rich bankers richer is a soulless, thankless endeavor, As well as for other reasons, I’ve decided to leave the Information technology field for good. Thankfully, I insured myself against this time when IT contract opportunities have become fewer and further between by launching my wife into the Nutrition store business over a decade ago. That business has absolutely flourished in the past 11.5 years.

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Mellow Days Freelancing

The good word is that I’ve managed to keep freelance graphic, music performance video editing and website work.

I’m little dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on the final touches for our annual short film project today and have began talks on a new feature project with a couple of Industry friends.

We’ve a new pup living in the house with us and he has been a handful. He is lucky that he’s really cute because he’s not house broken yet. He’s taken a lot of work. The creative work is great because I go to bed eager to get back to it in the morning.

The cold weather and my own reticence have stalled my new P.T. program but I hope to rectify that soon. The weather is not as bitter cold so I hope to resume my hiking very soon.

I was sad to see Harmancos drop the live music for obvious reasons but I think it might have been the right move for them. Seems like since that time their food has been a lot better. Had maybe the best meal I’ll ever eaten there yesterday and I’ve been dining here since I was a little kid on my daddy’s knee, literally.

The church music carries on Andu feel like we are getting better each and every week.