Beach Blog Saturday February 11, 2023

Leaving late in the day to take on the rough 3 hour drive to North Myrtle is never the way I’d prefer to make the trip, but as our stores doesn’t close until 3pm on Saturday, that’s how it all went down.

A bit of a family tradition has become the stopping at Captain D’s in Wadesborough, on the way. Usually, we kill 30 to 40 minutes in this stop but this time we decided to hit the drive through and within 15 minutes we were back on the road.

The whole focus of this, essentially 2 night and 1 day trip was to take Delilah to surprise her mom at the beach, as she was already at the North Shore Tower 1 condo our friends are kind enough to let us use. The plan was to show up unannounced for a big surprise. 

This time, we’d be staying with the granddaughter a few places down at Grand Camen. But before that knowledge was out, we knew it’s be a really mood killer for Summer and boyfriend, Patrick to think we’d be staying with them. 

The trip was uneventful, though it did rain for about half the drive. Delilah, who didn’t have a nap at all Saturday, got a little rambunctious for the last hour so. 

It takes about 3 hours of driving for me to get fatigued, but as compared to our recent trip to Bill Herman’s place in Ravenna, Ohio, it was a brief joyride. 

I was able to multitask a bit by listen to our latest bounces from the current album I’m creating with Harrison Foreman. 

In addition to that there was rounds and rounds of Jingle Bell rock, Delilah’s favorite song of the moment.

When we arrive at the Condo, after a brief stop at DG where Nancee forgot most of the things she went in for, Summer and Patrick were actually heading into the building as we pulled up. But for Nancee’s whoop of excitement, I think they’d not have noticed us. The look of pure anxiety on Summers face was hilarious. 

After a bathroom break for Delilah we got checked in a visited a restaurant next door, which was fine except that I think Delilah was the only one who was actually hungry. The place had a cool license plate theme with mounted sharks and a bear skin and the food was passable. The service was friendly which was a bonus as it very rainy and windy outside.

Summer and Patrick came over and headed to the giant indoor pool and lazy river at Grand Carmen’s. It was like a jungle in there so Nancee and I headed back to the room for a 1 hot break.

Delilah was absolutely buzzing when she got beck to the room. It took a bit to calm her down but when we did she was fast asleep. This ended evening 1.

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New Years Weekend 2022’s Happenings

After a fun-filled Christmas weekend at Badin Inn, my wife Nancee and I decided to treat ourselves to another weekend getaway, this time near Concord Mills. We stayed at the Embassy Suites, a hotel that has a unique design with a central open column that allows you to look down to the ground floor from any floor you happen to be on. It has open-walled glass elevators such as I have only ever seen in Nashville. It generally feels like a big castle so that’s a bit different for a general hotel vibe.

On Friday night, we had dinner at River Rock bar and grill, which was not the best experience. However, the next morning we had a delicious breakfast at the continental buffet in the lobby. Nancee enjoyed the whole day very much and repeatedly said how cool it was. We then treated ourselves to massages in the hotel’s spa and took a nap back in our room. In the afternoon, we had a late lunch/early dinner at Red Lobster.

At 5:30 pm, we went back down to the lobby for the hotel’s “Manager’s Reception,” where we were entitled to two free drinks. Since it was New Year’s Eve, I decided to have a couple of margaritas to help soothe my slightly sore throat. Nancee, being the designated nondrinker, a role I generally also hold, only had cranberry juice. There was a group of young people taking photos with their phones and circular phone light, throwing up gang signs all over the grand lobby, which was a bit odd. They eventually made their way to the regular bar and fitness area to talk.

During the reception, we met a lady selling trips in the lobby and ended up buying our next vacation from her. This is something we would normally never do, but we were actually looking to use up our considerable amount of Hilton Honors points, so we decided to take a chance. Look out Charleston, South Carolina – here we come!

After the reception, we spent the evening watching TV and turned in by 10 pm, missing the ball drop.

As we move into 2022, we have much to be grateful for. We hope that each of you finds the happiness you seek in the new year. Happy New Year to all!

Goodbye Bill

This is a sad post unfortunately and I typically keep this sort of thing to myself but I figured since so many of you also knew Bill and may not be aware, I should share.

I was so sorry to learn that my best friend from high school, Bill Hermann, sadly passed away about a month after visiting me for 9 days back in October of 2021. As he passed in his sleep at home in Ohio, it took some time for this belongings to find their way to his next of kin in a different part of the country and for his phone to eventually be reviewed and for me to get a text, which just found it’s way to me Saturday night.

I’d reached out to Bill many times this year and had begun fearing the worse when all those attempts at contact went unanswered. Bill told me he’d had some recent health issues of late and I had a strong premonition that I might never see him again, so I took a bit of video and some of photos of our time reconnecting and hanging out which I’d like to share.

Bill was a sweet guy who wasn’t always treated the best by some of the staff at South Stanly High School to say the least, but I think the good ones really loved him, as did I. He was quick with a laugh and a smile and had a nurturing spirit which can actually be witnessed in this video. Despite some very real physical challenges, he always kept to the sunny side of life in my opinion choosing to laugh at misfortune instead of crying about it.

He made an indelible mark on my life and I am so much richer having known him and having shared that awkward experience of being an outside through my 4 years of high school.

In his last trip back to the area, we hit all the old haunts and evening attended a South Stanly Football game. If you want to hear about those 9 days in more detail, I’m including a link to an episode of my podcast dedicated to Bill. R.I.P. Bill. You were a mensch and I’m so glad you deemed me worthy of your friendship. I’ll see you again!

I’m Going to Miss You!

The Podcast is Back

Feeling back in the creative flow has inspired me to start a personal podcast in addition to the weekly Vlog videos. It will include video which is a bit of extra work but at least it will capture my aging visage as I grow older. Ha!

Check it out here. The plan is to eventually release one weekly podcast each Sunday morning but I imagine a few of them will come in quick succession. I’m working to get my musical bumpers and segments planned so it’s less of a ramble than you will hear in the first episode.

Friends, Countrymen, I give you BRENTOCAST!

Listen to “Ep01 A Slight Return” on Spreaker. Listen to “Ep02 Back To Absolute Zero” on Spreaker. Listen to “Ep03 The End of the Animal based Circus” on Spreaker.

Gaslit Again

I fell you what, I have this one acquaintance in my musical world who really is, just by his nature a gas light specialist. I’ve known him since high school and I accept who and what he is. I try to maintain a friendship with him which at times is not easy. I accept him. I know what he is so in that way he’s like the snake that I can see clearly and avoid entanglement with. 

The problem with a gas lighter is that they derive some sort of perverse pleasure in firing you up with False compliments designed to gain your confidence so they can pull the rug out from under you right when it suits them to charge their own ego.  Needles to say this is super frustrating.

As I move into my 50’s I have promised myself I won’t accept this sort of behavior and I have even cut a few folks out of my life who were long time acquaintances. I say acquaintances because they were only masquerading as friends. 

Yet in my sincere desire to be an open book and a friend to all I found myself following another path that turned out to be a rabbit trail. Only this time the wasted time turned out to only be a matter of weeks before I recognized the old patterns. While it’s upsetting to waste any time on a person who doesn’t really deserve or appreciate it, I’m just being the open book I’ve always been and trying to be the glad handed collaborator always willing to spread the joy of creating good music. 

Metaphorically speaking, I’m done wasting my water and casting pearls before swine. That’s just wasting my pearls. 

I am so grateful to have one true blue musical friend in my life right now. He knows who he is and I thank God for him on the regular. 

The rest is all about making the moves that matter. Getting beck active in church and Delilah, Delilah, Delilah.

Goodbye Frosty A.K.A. Mr. Handsome

I’ll post more about this when the pain subsides. Yesterday, Mr Frosty flopped down beside the car as it backed out and was tragically killed. He was without exception my favorite cat we’ve ever had. He was just the perfect pet and so incredibly beautiful. The 3 years we had him, he was just so loving to all of us and Delilah. It’s going to be seriously difficult to get over this and used to the idea of not having him around. We loved him so much. I’ll share photos here soon.

We were already dealing with the loss of Nancee’s Mom, Lynn, who’s funeral is in a few hours. Having this just compounds grief.

North Myrtle Beach Get Away Live Blog

We arrived late on the evening of the 23rd and had a full day of beach combing, resting up, massages, eating out and Netflix on the 24th, bringing us to this, our second full day of the February 2022 North Myrtle Beach Get-Away. I’d go into greater detail but why bother when you can watch almost 30 minutes of edited video from that day here and here.

Last night I ordered our tickets for The Pirates Voyage, a show I’ve literally been wanting to see since I was a little kid. We narrowly missed it last trip down, when I waited just a little too long to order those tickets. Anyways, Mom, Nancee, Summer, Delilah and myself are all set to see the show Saturday night at the 6 PM showing and we can’t wait.

It’s 7:52 am right now and on the schedule today is a trip to the board walk, a 5 pm massage for me, then dinner at Sushi King. Somewhere in there, we will be doing a walk on the beach but so far it’s been very foggy.

Beach Life with
Brent and Nancee

BMF Plays Loafers and Legends

Our first real gig is in the books as we laid down about 2 hours of acoustic rock at Loafers and Legends in Badin last night. As fate would have I, it turned really cold that evening and the normal customers did not seem to be out in force, however at least 15 family and friends came out to watch us and that was really gratifying. Speaking just for me the meal I had on our break was delicious. That place has found themselves and excellent chef I must say.

Zak brought his usual enthusiasm and energy along with 5 or 6 spectators making him my kind of band mate. When new are 100% on the same sheet of music, the sky is the limit and I think we are all ready and willing to do the work to get there.

The absolute best part of the nite was the fact that my family could be there. Mom and Summer came out and brought the light of my life, Delilah who did pretty well with all the excitement. She was bopping to the music and seemed to enjoy the food and was just generally having a great time. I like seeing that and painting those memories for her. She gets music and has paid lots of attention to music since she was an infant.

As far as the performance I’d give us a solid B+. Zak is so new with us we just haven’t had enough of those acoustic practices, but individual talent shewn through and kept us up there standards-wise. Actually, Not just that. Harrison and I spend most of our work time together working on new material or learning the DAW in my studio and tweaking that whole setup out. We have only recently turned out attention to recording. I was in good voice and Harrison as always was particularly impressive on the leads.