The gist of this post is that the time has come to make a commitment to change. Chainging my diet and excercise habits as well as my habit of getting my fingers into too many projects. There are things I want as an artsit. I have to really find the maturity to manage those desires better than I have in the past and prioritize what is clearly more important.

My primary focus has to be physical fitness, at least for the next year so that I can get that lost energy back. I’ve just gotten too heavy. I’ve been slowly trying to work back to my fighting weight for the last 4 years. I started at a whopping at 340 lbs and today weigh in at around 315lbs. I’ve inched in the right direction but that is not going to cut it. Not by a long shot. The time has come for a greater committement and more direct results to get me below 300lbs and back to something close to my higher energy levels weight of around 260 lbs.

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Big Smiles & A Few Miles

Started a brisk 1.5 hour hike at Jumping Off Rock near Ophir in the Uwharrie National Forest this morning. The weather was a perfect 64 degrees. The particular trail we chose (By the way I was walking with AT section hiker, Jeff Bowers, no relation) was very mild and not much of a challenge. We walked and talked our way over a short peak. After that the trail was just like road walking, only in the woods, with overflowing creeks.

​Just wearing a small day pack with a gallon of water and a few snacks, my burden was very lite. At the first creek crossing I carried my shoes and socks and waded through. No two ways about it, that water was cold. We ended up scampering across water 4 times. One of them got half my right foot soaked. With such a short hike it wasn’t a problem. Now there are some very challenging trails from that same spot, but for my first day back at hiker training 1.5 hours was just fine.
Crossing the big creek coming back, the same one I waded the first time and considering one foot was already wet, I got bold and ninja hopped across residual boulders in the stream! A fellow traveler popped out of the trail behind us and was surely impressed to see a big fella with just Cat-like agility.​

​Big smiles and a few miles. More to come.

I Made It To Day 86 on Unbroken Low Impact Cardio

Unfortunately, the back injury is still persisting. I’m giving myself a week off of the treadmill try to get that Psoas Major injury good and healed up. I managed to barely tweak it again last Monday and went through another 4 days of utter pain. Can’t be doing that and I’m starting to think the slow walking with the big incline has contributed to the lower back injury. I mean over the years I’ve done lots of exercise that’s made me super sore, but never ever have I had a ligament pull like this. I think perhaps stressing it every single day has some relation to this happening now.

Anyways, I just want to note the break in the regularly scheduled cardio. I’ll be back on it as soon as I’m mended.

Cardio Rolls on Day 82

Respawner 507It’s been cold most evenings and we’ve all been working long hours. Still I put in 30 minutes on the treadmill daily with the occasional 20 or 40 minute session depending on the day and how I’m feeling. I have fully recovered from the back injury at this point and plan to start the Sunday morning workouts with Ron again this Sunday.

Climbing the ladder back to a lower weight and better fitness, one rung at a time.

Day 64 Cardo Rolls On

Cups 013The back injury has really slowed me up without question. I’m pleased to say that however slowly I may have completed it, I’ve stuck to my daily Cardio routine of walking 30 minutes on the treadmill. Yesterday was the first day I really felt that I could go as hard as I wanted without worry of the lower back cramping up. I’m going to try to get back to the Sunday morning training sessions this week or the next.

It seems that for every pound I loose, the beard grows another centimeter. It’s getting a little hard to take to be honest but I’m trying to hold out for my Viking cameo in my own film, “Farwalker,” which I hope to shoot sometime in April. Grrrrr, you own hair stuck in your front teeth while it’s still attached to your face can be…you know…painfull!

It’s really a strange thing having so much hair on my face. I guess it’s been growing for at least 64 days because I haven’t shaved since about the time I started this cardio stuff. People move out of your way at Wal-mart when you have a muskrat stuck to your chin let me tell you. Respect it! RESPECT THE BEARD, I say.

Respect The Beard
Respect The Beard