Finding Inspiration Everywhere

IMG_1546Even on a quick jaunt down the street from the office to grab some tasty sushi for a late lunch break, I find inspiration in everything, the Carolina blue sky, the sculptures on the square and the old giants that seem to watch my every move. They’ve stood for nearly a century in some cases, unknowing, uncaring about the tiny ants that weave in between their toes, running to and fro trying to find meaning in their barely noticeable lives.

I have heard the statistics on how most films fail. They aren’t talking about me, so I pay it no heed. It’s time to create another world, to envision and bring to reality the fictional lives of my heroes and my villains as I create a universe where their every feeling matters. Read more “Finding Inspiration Everywhere”

Take That, Mother of Vampires, Nevermore & Blak Saturn

Brento bringing the jams!

This weekend, I’m heading off to Durham, North Carolina where Nevermore film festival is putting me up in a sweet condo for the weekend. Our film, “Take That”, is showing and several of the cast and crew will be there to help me enjoy the fruits of our labor. It’s been a goal of mine to get one of my efforts accepted into the festival since, Jamie McRoberts’, “Scarecrow at Midnight,” played there a few years ago. We had such a good time that weekend that it’s something I’ve always wanted to duplicate with a film I directed. At last that is happening so Whoya! I anticipate one heck of a good time to be had by all. Summer is planning to tag along for this trip and I like the idea that she can be exposed to something positive coming from being a dreamer and just making something happen like a film, even when you have no budget. Hopefully she will be suitably impressed. We never get to do that much together so I’m glad for this opportunity include her in my favorite hobby. Check out the gallery below for a glimpse into some of what went into making, “Take That.” Read more “Take That, Mother of Vampires, Nevermore & Blak Saturn”

Take That Day 1

The Warehouse Office Set

It shouldn’t go without saying that this weekend was AWESOME! It represented a new era for myself as a film maker. We shot the first day of “Take That” our horror comedy starring Morgan Monig, Steven Tucker and Michael Ruff & lensed by Robert W. Filion. The weather tried to throw us a curve ball Saturday, when we were scheduled to film our exteriors, but we got jiggy with it and switched over to our indoor location. What followed was a 21 hour shooting day that was nothing short of epic. The cast and crew all stepped up to create something truly special. Read more “Take That Day 1”

Take That Pre-Production and Other Stuff

News around these parts is usually posted on Monday’s in the pre-work meditation to get the coming influx of tasks into perspective. This week I break with the tradition and tell you of the hectic weekend ahead.

Tonight, I’m taking the opportunity to watch ParaNorman as that is the only time open to do so and I don’t want to miss it on the big screen. After the show I have to ferry my guitar amp and other gear over to Boomerang for Tommy O’Dell’s two services there this weekend. Read more “Take That Pre-Production and Other Stuff”

Take That – A New Short Film Announced

My Short Film Project for 2012

I’ve sat on the news of this new project for some time now, waiting until the time felt right to share it with you all.

I have taken a small step back from Mutantville Productions to place a little more focus on what I want to accomplish for myself as a film maker. I’m not mad at my partners or anything like that and there is no falling out to speak of as far as I’m concerned. I’ll still assist those guys from time to time and some of them will assist me in my projects. I just couldn’t get Mutantville, as a whole, on board to produce anything I wrote. It was only logical to finally take this step out on my own for a short film project.

I have an 11 page script for a Vampire comedy I’d like to turn into a reality. Geo and Todd have agreed to help me in this endeavor and I’ll even be featuring a cast compromised primarily of Mutantville Players. Robert Filion will lens the film and I’ll direct and wear whatever other hat is necessary as we’ll be running skeleton crew. In fact, several of the actors will also have a production role. That small, tight knit, intimate group is one of the things I’m surely aiming for with this project.

Read more “Take That – A New Short Film Announced”